Threads makes it to 100 million users in a split second, with mostly organic traffic

The newest social media app released by Meta is making waves on the internet, leading to a sudden increase in people signing up. In only a few days, Threads reached 100 million active users, the fastest user milestone ever achieved by an app. 

A few key metrics helped Threads evolve so rapidly. First, the app is considered an alternative to Twitter, the platform that experienced the most controversy since the arrival of Elon Musk. Moreover, Threads is linked with Instagram for signing-up features, simplifying the process. 

Threads may not be a revolutionary app, but what’s most impressive is how it grew without considerable advertisements or promotions. Even Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was impressed by how the platform increased in popularity, stating that its expansion was mostly organic, a goal many companies wish to achieve. 

While organic growth doesn’t require massive financial investments, it does need implications for building a strong SEO strategy. But is it worthwhile?

SEO-driven organic growth enhances company knowledge

Many other companies chose to blend paid advertisements with organic growth strategies, like Apple or Morrison’s. Such an approach gains ground as internet penetration experiences massive growth. Compared to online promotions, organic development demands research, audits, content optimization, etc.

But that’s not enough. Threads made it to the mainstream because Meta is already a trusted company, running the most famous platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, Threads didn’t have to go through the cold start of a new app and just linked its services with a mainstream application.

This pattern can be used for other companies that can skip a few steps for deploying their services and products on an app or platform. Businesses need to prioritize SEO and its components to thrive in the American market, approaching strategies for digital marketing in the USA, the third country worldwide with the most internet users, after India and China.

The old embraces the new when it comes to SEO strategies

Threads showed how old concepts can be transformed into new products. While some consider the platform as a copy of Twitter, the purpose of this application is to allow customers to find the best solution for their needs, which in this case, we’re talking about engaging with like-minded communities.

Two known ways of increasing organic traffic are developing new content opportunities and updating existing ones. This can be easily approached with the right SEO services that can boost websites to rank higher than before, but steadily.

Content is the most important for SEO since it’s the direct path to increased visibility. But content wouldn’t perform the same without the right keywords, which need research and considerable throughput for the implementation stage. The keyword expertise might be a little challenging, but when delivering content, especially for Gen Z, possibilities are far-reaching as the generation finds almost anything appealing and interesting. The secret word is creativity, which must be blended with the technical side of SEO to provide solid results.

Going internationally with SEO

Of course, Threads intended to extend its usage beyond the American audience. However, the app is delayed in Europe due to regulation concerns. This is not the first time Meta interfered with issues with breaking within the European market.

Corporations must expand their area of expertise and address different rules and guidelines for certain countries. This matter also refers to international SEO services through which businesses can have a broader image of their global audiences.

International SEO requires numerous additions to the current company, such as the right domain structure, content optimization for each language and local keyword research. It’s also important to analyze international competitors and industry leaders to grasp what strategies fit the environment.

SEO helps tailor the information to the audience

Running a business should revolve around the target audience, meaning that services, products and keywords must be custom-made, simply put. This step should include aspects like transparency, directness and valuing innovation.

But tailoring approaches a broader perspective and includes simpler actions and strategies. For example, making the sign-up process more efficient and easier to navigate is necessary. The same system can be used to improve the search bar so that people can find what they need fast and with no effort. Numerous types of customers should easily access information to increase retention.

Threads did something similar by providing a sense of familiarity to new users while tailoring the experience for those who sought improvement from Twitter. A specific example regards feed development. While on Twitter, users need to build their own feed by following only what’s in their interest area, Threads comes with already made space that leverages content from users that people follow but also contains random content.

Doing it the old way through link-building

Link building is one of the most strenuous ways of growing organically, but it is also among the efficient strategies. It implies targeting important keywords to create an analysis of the backlink profile, but the essential step is within the outreach.

With link building, companies increase website traffic with low costs. However, this strategy is time-consuming and might require expertise for PR campaigns, data collecting and evaluation. Luckily, the amount of information available online can boost any company’s first steps toward organic growth.

Outreach link-building services are done best when there’s a solid company background, but a reliable base of high-quality blogs and magazines is required to match expectations. Threads makes it possible to share text updates, which allows for getting hyperlinks from other websites. The content available also includes photos and videos that have the potential to enable link-building compatibility.

Looking forward to Threads’ development

While Threads became the first app to have reached an impressive number of users, it needs to pass the test of time. If the application isn’t maintained, all the organic growth will be wasted along with its capabilities. Still, companies can learn many lessons from this release in regard to the environment in which a business can grow without paid investments.