Penis Fillers Growing More Popular: What’s The Cause?

There have been many unexpected cosmetic trends over the last few years, but perhaps the most unexpected is the “P-Shot”. For those unaware, the P-Shot is a penis filler, which involves injecting PRP and fillers into the penis to increase the size and girth.

Although this kind of treatment has been around since 2016, over the last few years, the use of penis fillers has spiked, with more men than ever choosing to undergo the treatment. So why exactly is this the case? What goes into penis fillers and what are the supposed benefits other than penis enlargement?

The Process Of Penis Enlargement

Obviously the process of applying penis fillers will differ depending on the clinic, but one of the most popular – and safest – processes includes using a combination of platelet rich plasma and synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA). According to experts, synthetic hyaluronic acid brings the penis more firmness and elasticity, helping to increase girth by boosting the water content in the penis.

This girth is increased no matter whether the penis is flaccid or erect, and it can last anywhere between one to two years. When it comes to the injection itself, a popular technique is known as the “cannula”. This is where an aesthetic doctor will use an injector with a blunt tip, requiring fewer entry points and less bruising. It is safer, and the outcome is often better.

 The Benefits Of Penis Enlargement

So why are more people doing this? One of the most common reasons is simply to boost self confidence. For those with under-average penises, low self-confidence can lead to a negative mental wellbeing, and even a lessened sexual performance with their partners.

Apart from that, however, there are a number of accounts of penis enlargement helping to negate the effects of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. With penis fillers, it is said to be easier to have and sustain an erection, which has led to several success stories of better sexual wellbeing, relationships, and self-esteem.

Knowledge About Penis Enlargement

One of the reasons we are seeing a growth in people using penis fillers could also be due to the rise in official, expert clinics that are offering safe procedures. With these clinics, information about penis fillers – how it is done, what the benefits are, and also the possible side effects – is more widespread, which has helped to remove the stigma.

For people who are considering it, they can talk to professional, reputable aesthetic doctors who can answer questions about the treatment, relieve their concerns, and have a frank discussion about whether it is right for them. With more knowledge available for prospective patients, the decision to undertake the procedure has become easier and more transparent.

Of course, this needs to be coupled with expert doctors who will provide the best treatment possible. So if you are considering having penis fillers to help cure ED or PE, make sure that you are going for the right clinic, and do your research about success stories and accolades so you know that you’re putting your trust in the right people.