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my mother gets married again

The novel titled “엄마가 계약결혼 했다” which translates to “My Mom Got A Contract Marriage” is a unique take on the reincarnation genre. While most novels in this genre focus on the main character being reincarnated, this one takes a twist with the mother being the one who seems to have been reincarnated.

In the world of contemporary literature, few novels have captured the essence of blended families and the intricacies of second chances as poignantly as “My Mother Gets Married Again.” This novel, spanning several chapters, delves deep into the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the merging of two families, the challenges of acceptance, and the beauty of new beginnings.

At the heart of the story is the protagonist, a young adult grappling with the reality of their mother’s decision to remarry. The narrative beautifully captures the initial resistance, confusion, and myriad emotions that many children feel when faced with the prospect of a new father figure entering their lives. The author doesn’t shy away from portraying the raw emotions, the silent dinners, and the awkward conversations that are all too common in such scenarios.

However, as the chapters unfold, the novel takes readers on a transformative journey. From the initial reluctance, the protagonist slowly begins to see the man their mother has chosen not as an intruder, but as a human being with his own set of vulnerabilities, dreams, and love to offer. The story emphasizes that love isn’t bound by age or time; it’s an ever-evolving emotion that can find its way back into one’s life, even after the most profound losses.

One of the standout aspects of “My Mother Gets Married Again” is its portrayal of the blended family. The author paints a realistic picture of the challenges that come with merging two families with different backgrounds, traditions, and sometimes, even values. There are moments of conflict, misunderstandings, and adjustments. Yet, amidst all the chaos, there are also moments of pure joy, understanding, and deep connections. The novel serves as a testament to the fact that families aren’t just bound by blood but by love, understanding, and mutual respect.

Another commendable aspect of the novel is its emphasis on communication. Through various scenarios, the author highlights the importance of open dialogue in bridging gaps and mending relationships. Whether it’s the protagonist’s heart-to-heart conversations with their mother or the family therapy sessions, the message is clear: communication is the key to understanding and acceptance.

Synopsis: Lyrica, the protagonist, is a girl from the slums living with her often inebriated mother. One day, her mother wakes up in a frenzy, exclaiming about being younger and asking about the date. She appears to have lost her mind, making bizarre statements about needing to attend an imperial ball and meet His Majesty. Lyrica is left bewildered, trying to decipher the sudden change in her mother’s behavior and the nonsensical things she’s saying.

Webnovel Details:

  • Language: Korean
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Ongoing with 119 chapters
  • Release Frequency: 1 chapter per day
  • Illustrations: Possible illustrations in the novel

Manhwa Adaptation: There’s exciting news for fans of the novel. It’s set to receive a manhwa adaptation, scheduled to launch in the upcoming year. The artist working on the manhwa is the same one who designed the novel’s cover, known for their work as Pale Horse’s artist.

Community Reactions: The novel has garnered attention in the community, with many finding the premise unique. The idea of the mother being reincarnated instead of the main character is a fresh take on the reincarnation genre. However, some users have raised questions about the novel’s rating and are curious about the reasons behind it.

About My Mother Gets Married Again Novel

“My Mother Gets Married Again” is a captivating manga that has garnered significant attention in the manga community. This story revolves around a young girl named Lyrica who lives in the slums with her often inebriated mother. One day, a mysterious event occurs, leading to a series of unexpected and fantastical adventures.

Main Characters

  • Lyrica: The protagonist of the story, Lyrica is a young girl who has faced numerous hardships due to her living conditions in the slums and her mother’s frequent drunken states.
  • Lyrica’s Mother: Initially portrayed as a woman lost in her vices, she undergoes a significant transformation, which becomes a central plot point in the story.


The story primarily takes place in two contrasting settings:

  • The Slums: This is where Lyrica and her mother reside. It’s a place filled with challenges, but also where Lyrica has learned resilience and strength.
  • The Royal Ball: A significant location in the story where pivotal events unfold, introducing elements of fantasy and wonder.

Plot Overview

Lyrica’s life is turned upside down when her mother wakes up one day with a completely altered demeanor. From shouting about being “hot” to expressing a desire to attend the royal ball and meet His Majesty, her mother’s sudden change baffles Lyrica. This shift sets the stage for a series of events that intertwine reality with fantasy.

Chapter Highlights

  • Chapter 1: The Beginning: Introduces readers to the world of Lyrica and sets the tone for the story.
  • Chapter 10: The Royal Ball: The anticipation builds as the royal ball approaches, and Lyrica’s mother’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic.
  • Chapter 20: Revelations: Secrets are unveiled, and the truth behind the mother’s transformation begins to surface.
  • Chapter 30: Challenges: As the story progresses, Lyrica faces numerous obstacles that test her courage and determination.
  • Chapter 40: The Climax: All the story threads come together, leading to a thrilling climax.


  • Love and Relationships: The bond between Lyrica and her mother is central to the story, highlighting the complexities of familial relationships.
  • Fantasy and Reality: The manga beautifully blends elements of fantasy with the harsh realities of life, creating a unique narrative.

Popularity and Reception

The manga has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from readers, with many praising its engaging storyline and character development. The blend of drama, fantasy, and romance has resonated with many, making it a must-read.

My Mother Gets Married Again Spoilers

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. “My Mother Gets Married Again” is a novel that delves deep into the complexities of blended families, acceptance, and the true meaning of love. This article provides a spoiler-filled exploration of this captivating novel.

The Premise
The story revolves around a young protagonist, Sarah, who learns that her mother is getting married again. This news brings a whirlwind of emotions for Sarah, from confusion to resentment, and eventually acceptance.

The Protagonist’s Struggle
Sarah, initially resistant to the idea of a new father figure, grapples with feelings of betrayal. She wonders if this new relationship means her mother is trying to replace her deceased father.

The New Stepfather
Enter David, the soon-to-be stepfather. A kind-hearted man with his own set of baggage, David tries to bridge the gap, understanding Sarah’s reservations but hoping to find a place in her heart.

Themes Explored

Acceptance and Growth
The novel beautifully portrays Sarah’s journey from rejection to acceptance. It emphasizes the idea that growth often comes from unexpected places.

The Dynamics of Blended Families
Through various characters and situations, the novel sheds light on the intricacies of blended families, highlighting the challenges and joys they bring.

Love Beyond Blood Ties
One of the most poignant themes is the idea that love isn’t just about blood relations. Sarah learns that family can be formed through bonds of love and understanding, not just genetics.

Memorable Moments in the Novel

The Wedding Ceremony
A turning point in the story, the wedding ceremony is filled with mixed emotions. It’s here that Sarah begins to see David in a new light.

The First Family Vacation
This trip is a roller-coaster of emotions, with moments of tension, laughter, and bonding, symbolizing the ups and downs of their new family dynamic.

The Heart-to-Heart Conversation
A touching moment between Sarah and David, this conversation is where they lay their cards on the table, leading to a deeper understanding between the two.

The Impact of the Novel

On Readers
The novel resonates with many who have experienced similar family dynamics, making them reflect on their own journeys of acceptance and love.

On Modern Literature
The book has carved a niche for itself in modern literature, praised for its realistic portrayal of blended families and the complexities of human emotions.

“My Mother Gets Married Again Spoilers” is more than just a story. It’s a reflection of the complexities of life, love, and family. It reminds us that while change can be daunting, it often brings about beautiful transformations.