Bed Expert Reveals Cotton Flannel Sheets are the Key to Your Best Ever Winter Night’s Sleep

Bed Expert

As energy costs rise and temperatures plummet, experts have revealed the key to the best winter night’s sleep – and it costs next to nothing.

With the cost of gas and electricity at an all-time high, staying warm at night while maintaining sleep quality is a challenge for many. And although reaching for the thermostat is a preferred option for some, it’s one of the worst things you can do when it comes to your sleep. Not only does it cost a lot, but it also dries out your skin, causes coughs, and interferes with your body’s sleep-wake cycle.

So instead of cranking up your heating, experts from John Ryan By Design have revealed that the key to getting the best sleep in these winter months is cotton flannel bedding.

Your sleep-wake cycle is regulated by your body’s circadian rhythm. As a part of this cycle, your body temperature should lower when preparing for sleep. Having the heating on can interrupt this cycle, making it harder for you to drift off. To avoid this, you should aim to keep your bedroom temperature around 18.5 degrees Celsius.

Having a bedroom that’s chilly may not sound appealing, but when coupled with cotton flannel bedding, it can help to create the perfect environment for a great night’s sleep in these colder months.

Ryan Kerr, one of the experts at John Ryan By Design said:

“Flannel sheets are often made from brushed cotton which means they have increased insulation properties while still being breathable. Due to their thickness and breathability, cotton flannel sheets trap body heat helping to keep you warm without running the risk of overheating. Having a regulated temperature during the night helps prevent sleep disturbances and leads to you feeling more well-rested.” 

Cotton flannel bedding is also considerably more cost-effective than other bedding materials which makes it the perfect bedding option if you’re feeling the financial pinch from the cost of living crisis.

Alongside flannel bedding, another great way to regulate your sleep temperature year-round is by opting for natural fibre mattresses.

Ryan added:

“Natural fibre mattresses are the best option available when it comes to year-round temperature control. During colder months, they retain a small amount of your body heat which helps keep you warm. However, during the summer, natural fibre mattresses absorb your sweat as you sleep, speeding up your body’s cooling process.”