Introducing EminencebyGtx: The Rising Star of Afro Fusion Fashion in the UK

Gbotemi Oladotun, a distinguished Nigerian fashion designer, announces the introduction of EminencebyGtx to the UK’s dynamic fashion arena. This evolution from GTX Outfits to EminencebyGtx is a strategic step towards greater creativity and expansion in a highly competitive global fashion market.

Discussing this significant transition, Gbotemi Oladotun states, “EminencebyGtx is the outcome of these refinements – a brand set to elevate the fashion game!”

EminencebyGtx, a unisex brand, draws inspiration from African culture and style, harmoniously integrating it with Western fashion trends. The brand is renowned for its bespoke African clothing and designs, including Agbada, Kaftan, and suits inspired by African aesthetics. EminencebyGtx distinguishes itself with its focus on detail, use of superior fabrics with cultural embroidery, and its appeal to both African and non-African audiences.


The brand’s unique take on streetwear stands out for its creative use of colors and diverse fabrics. In the UK, Gbotemi Oladotun has made significant strides, from being a nominee and official partner for the Sheffield African Fashion Brand of the Year to participating in “Gangs of Lagos” at Wedding Party 2 by Crux Nation.

EminencebyGtx’s foray into UK streetwear achieved an impressive 68% pre-sale success, demonstrating the brand’s immediate impact. Looking forward, Gbotemi Oladotun envisions EminencebyGTX becoming the preferred brand for Africans and people of color in the UK, emphasizing global collaboration and exploration.

The transformation from GTX Outfits to EminencebyGTX is more than just a rebranding; it symbolizes a journey of resilience, growth, and the boundless potential of creativity and determination. EminencebyGTX is poised to make its mark as a distinctive and visionary presence in the UK fashion industry.