Revolution in ACL Injury Management: Prof. Gordon Mackay’s InternalBrace Surgery and Its Impact on Women’s Football

In the realm of sports medicine, Prof. Gordon Mackay stands out for his revolutionary approach to treating ACL injuries. His invention, the InternalBrace ligament repair technique, marks a significant leap forward in this area. A recently released mini-documentary delves into ACL injuries in women’s football, showcasing the experiences of professional athletes and the game-changing nature of Prof. Mackay’s surgical innovations.

The documentary, “An Epidemic in Women’s Football?”, sheds light on the struggles and recovery journeys of female footballers afflicted with ACL ruptures. It features heartfelt interviews with players, providing a raw glimpse into the devastating impact of these injuries and the path to overcoming them.

What makes this documentary unique is its comparison of traditional ACL reconstruction with the innovative InternalBrace surgery, highlighting a trend towards quicker recovery and a more rapid return to sport for athletes treated with the latter technique.

Prof. Mackay shared his motivations for the documentary, saying, “We wanted to shed light on the advancements in ACL injury treatment, particularly in the realm of women’s football. We feel it is important to show how research is ongoing into these injuries and that innovation is changing the game for athletes.”

The documentary is further enriched by insights from Prof. Kate Webster, a prominent ACL injury researcher at La Trobe University, Melbourne, who explores additional factors such as athlete age and the likelihood of re-injury.

Prof. Mackay underscored the value of the InternalBrace in addressing ACL injuries in the sport: “For too long, ACL injuries have been a significant hurdle for athletes, particularly in women’s football. With the InternalBrace, we’re able to offer a more effective and efficient patient solution, allowing players to get back to what they love faster, in fact, the InternalBrace has the potential to halve recovery.”

Additionally, he highlighted the efficacy of the InternalBrace method in preventing re-injuries: “Our latest research 5-year results also show that the InternalBrace method reduces the rate of re-rupture by 90%.”

Blending personal athlete experiences with expert analyses and the latest in medical technology, “An Epidemic in Women’s Football?” aims to educate and inspire viewers about the advancements in treating ACL injuries. It’s an essential watch for players, coaches, and fans alike.

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