Huge Brands Acquires TLJ Marketing and Sales, Expands Reach in Military Sector

Huge Brands Acquires TLJ Marketing and Sales, Expands Reach in Military Sector

Huge Brands, a leading name in the custom merchandise industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of TLJ Marketing and Sales, a key player in the military sector. This strategic acquisition is set to bolster Huge Brands’ capabilities and expand its footprint in the military apparel and merchandise market. TLJ Marketing and Sales will now operate as an independent division under the banner of TLJ Operations.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • Enhanced Product Offerings: With this merger, TLJ Operations will be able to offer a broader array of goods and services, enhancing their already substantial expertise and product range.
  • Market Expansion: The acquisition opens new opportunities in both the military and private sectors, enabling Huge Brands and TLJ Operations to serve a wider customer base. With the added resources from Huge Brands, TLJ Operations will focus on expanding its Veteran’s Apparel line in the direct-to-consumer and blank wholesale markets.
  • Strengthened Expertise: By merging the talents and resources of both companies, Huge Brands is better positioned to deliver more innovative and high-quality merchandise solutions.

“TLJ is an incredible organisation with fundamentally strong relationships throughout the military sector. The partnership between TLJ and Huge Brands will allow us to increase the offering as well as the level of service in order to build upon the legacy that Dave and Amy have forged over the past 25 years,” stated Jeremy Conder, CEO of Huge Brands.

Dave Hosier, CEO of TLJ Marketing and Sales, said: “We are excited about the partnership between TLJ and Huge Brands as we form our new company TLJ Operations LLC. We now bring our production in house, increase our sales support staff, expedite our lead times, and provide the sales support in not only the Military Retail Channel but other Retail Channels going forward. We are an aggressive company striving for the future!”