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Brits Will Spend 85 Hours a Year Snoozing

Do you set your alarm too early, purely to feel like you’ve gotten extra ...

40% of Brits Raid Savings to Make Ends Meet

40% of Brits Raid Savings to Make Ends Meet

It is true:  40% of British citizens “borrow” from their nest eggs on a ...

4 in 10 Brits Feel Unappreciated by Their Boss

4 in 10 Brits Feel Unappreciated by Their Boss

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50% of Brits Admit to Being More Impatient in the Last 5 Years

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Woman Spends 5+ Hours Taking Selfies

The Average 16-25 Year Old Woman Spends 5+ Hours Taking Selfies

When it comes to taking selfies for our online social accounts, there’s no doubting ...

5.7 Million Calls to the Samaritans Recorded in 2016

Samaritans received a record number of calls to its helpline in 2016, with more ...