Two-thirds of Brits say they are living an unfulfilled life

Two-thirds of Brits say they are living an unfulfilled life, according to new research.

Despite an overwhelming majority of people saying they have a bucket list, financial limitations and time restrictions mean most of us have only ticked off between one and five items on it.

Londoners were found to have the most time constraints, having just 83 minutes a day of spare time to do what they want to.

That compares to people in the South-West who have the most time (130 minutes), followed by the South-East (108 minutes), Scotland (107 minutes) and Yorkshire (104 minutes).

But despite being time poor those in the capital were found to have the richest lives, with 45 per cent considering themselves fulfilled.

Those who, overall, have more time and fall into the lower end of the spectrum include the South West, Scotland and Yorkshire, demonstrating that having more time doesn’t necessarily result in feeling as if you have a fulfilled life.

Dom South, Marketing Director for Old Speckled Hen, who commissioned the research said: “People think you need more time to chase your dreams, but it’s really the people who have less time that are seeking a richer life.

“The new research shows that you just need to use your time wisely.

“Old Speckled Hen is the nation’s favourite premium ale and we know our consumers are discerning, love the richer things in life and are keen to seek out rewarding experiences.

“Our latest campaign encourages consumers to quench that curiosity for life by trying new experiences they’d always dreamed of doing and living life to the full.”

As well as geography, annual earnings also dictate how time-poor people feel.

Forty eight per cent of people who earn between £20,000 – £45,000 claim they don’t have enough time to do what they want in their life.

Whereas almost three quarters of those earning more than £45,000 feel that they do.

This seems to weigh heavy on us as a nation, as 1 in 6 under the age of 45 considers themselves to be unfulfilled, rising to 20 per cent of people between the ages of 45-54 years old.

Married couples, meanwhile, are twice as likely to have extrovert traits compared to those who haven’t yet tied the knot.

Married couples join their bucket lists together creating a single list and expanding it from five to six items.

The research is part of Old Speckled Hen’s ‘Seek a Richer Life’ campaign which encourages its consumers to seek bespoke experiences to enrich their lives.

Seeking these new experiences generally makes us happier, gives us a better quality of life and gives us more meaning to the limited time we have to actually do what we want to do.

To reward their customers, Old Speckled Hen has launched a competition encouraging fans to submit photos of themselves ‘living a richer life’.

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