Green Card Organization Making the ‘American Dream’ a Reality to Persons who want live & work in USA

Every year, millions of people submit their application for a chance to win the Green Card Lottery. Winning the Green Card Lottery, to them, means a further step towards fulfilling their dreams of living and working in the United States of America permanently. Unfortunately, many of them have had their dreams shattered because their applications were rejected.

Why are applications rejected? Applications are rejected because they are not accurate. It is very important for applicants to seek professional help when applying to the Green Card Lottery. Immigration consultants are knowledgeable and experience people who know about the process and will make sure that applications are accurate before submission.

The experienced staff at Green Card Organization have in-depth knowledge about the requirements of the United States Green Card Lottery program. They provide professional help for those who are desirous of living in the United States permanently through the Green Card Lottery program.

What Is the Main Aim of Green Card Organization?
Green Card Organization is a company that is passionate about helping people and was established with the aim to help people achieve their American dream. Green Card Organization listens to the voices of the people and responds to their cry by assisting them to partake in the Green Card Lottery. For some people, participating in the Green Card Lottery will increase their chances of obtaining a Green Card Visa.

However, Green Card Organization passion has led them to find out the reason why so many people were not successful with their green card lottery entry. What they discovered is that too many errors were submitted on the applications when applicants try to do the process by themselves. Green Card Organization concluded that these applicants need professional help and then decided to be their source of assistance.

All entries for the Diversity Visa Lottery are checked thoroughly by the United States Government. Any entry that does not adhere to the rules or has incorrect spelling and other errors are discarded without hesitation. The US government does not contact applicants asking them to review their applications. Once an applicant’s application is deemed as unacceptable, it is disqualified instantly.

This means that applicants who had their eyes set on winning the lottery to obtain a Green Card Visa to live and work in the United States permanently will have their dreams crushed. Green Card Organization understands that achieving a green card is the only hope of entering the United States for many applicants, so they have opened their door to assist these applicants with their application so that it will be flawless and acceptable by the US government.

What Services Green Card Organization Offers to Their Customers?
Green Card Organization services are impeccable. Their team of professionally trained immigration experts handle all immigration matters with confidentiality, and to a very high standard. Before filling in an application Green Card Organization ensures that applicants are eligible to enter the Green Card Lottery. This is necessary because the list of eligible countries changes each year. If an applicant is eligible Green Card Organization consultants will proceed with the application process.

To ensure accuracy, applications are double checked for correct English spelling and any other hidden small errors. One key note is that only photographs that have a white background, with heads turn to the right angle, and appear at the right distance from the camera are accepted by the US government. Therefore, applicants’ photographs are checked by Green Card Organization professional technicians and photographers to make sure that photographs are uploaded according to the US photograph requirements. If photographs fail the requirements applicants are contacted immediately to make the necessary adjustments.

As soon as an application is deemed suitable by the experts at Green Card Organization, it is submitted immediately so that it reaches the US Department without delay and without missing the deadline.

What Are the Benefits?

Green Card Organization customer service exceeds expectations! Applicants are updated regularly about the status of their applications. Questions are answered promptly, and any assistance needed is attended to with urgency.

Green Card Organization provides applicants with updated reading materials about new developments from the US Immigration Department.

Applicants accounts are kept confidential with a high level of data security.

Accounts are easily accessible no matter where in the world applicants are located.

As soon as the results of the Green Card Lottery is announced applicants are notified.

Green Card Organization cares for their customers so when their applicants become winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery they are not left to celebrate their victory alone…. all the staff at Green Card Organization celebrate with them!

Benefits of Holding a U.S Green Card

The advantages of holding a U.S. Green Card are numerous. Not only will you be able to live and work in the United States of America as a permanent resident, but you will also have increased opportunities to pursue personal and professional goals. The benefits are rewarding and will enable you to fulfill your dream.

Here are some of the benefits:

U.S. Citizenship
A U.S. Green Card is the gateway to becoming a U.S. Citizen. Furthermore, a Green Card is the first requirement for U.S. citizenship.

Sponsor your Spouse and Relatives

As a U.S. Green Card Holder, you are eligible to sponsor your spouse or children. Children should be under 21 years of age and must be unmarried.

Social Security Benefits

Green Card holders are eligible for social security benefits. After working 10 years as a green card holder you will have the opportunity to claim retirement benefits.

Job Opportunities

Various job opportunities await U.S. Green Card holders. Unlike other immigrants that will need sponsorship from employers, Green Card holders do not need sponsorship. You are free to apply and take on any job openings.

Voting Rights

You will be able to exercise your voting rights in local and state elections. Once you become a citizen you can partake in the presidential election.

Unite with Families

Once you have received your card you can start the procedure of sponsoring your spouse and unmarried children. Bear in mind, however, that only children who are over the age of 21 are eligible for sponsorship.

Getting in Touch with Green Card Organization

It is quite easy to get in touch with Green Card Organization. Call them by telephone 1-888-433-01-35 or send an email to, you can visit Green Card Organization social pages: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can check if you are eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery at the Green Card Organization application page today.

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