7 Amazing Reasons To Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is a medicinal oil which for years has been used for different treatments in patients all over the world. This natural oil is something which can be effective for a number of uses and it is widely applauded for its medical merits. However, due to the source of CBD oil, it has often come under controversies and is only now moving past the stigma associated with its use. 

Today we want to make a real case for the use of CBD oil and why you should consider this as an addition to your medicine cabinet this year. Here are some of the biggest health benefits and reasons why you should utilise the power of CBD oil this year. 

  1. Pain Relief

For anyone who suffers with a major chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, Marijuana can be a huge help. CBD Oil is a great way to relieve major pain suffered by many and this can allow people to live a fuller and happier life. Scientists have tested the effect of this oil on the body and they have been able to discover many pain killing chemicals contained within. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body is a system which deals with appetite, immune response, and sleep. The body produces chemicals known as endocannabinoids which are neurotransmitters that bind to cannaboid receptors, located in the nervous system. CBD oil, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, interacts with receptors to reduce inflammation and the interaction with neurotransmitters. In basic terms, CBD oil prevents pain by blocking receptors and this can be a huge help for those who need it. For those who suffer from pain, CBD oil is a must and can change a patient’s quality of life. 

  1. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Mental issues are something which have always been taboo, however in recent years we are realising that most people suffer from some sort of mental disorder whether it be anxiety, depression, stress, or something else. Anxiety and depression are incredibly common issues we face and they are both issues which can impact our health and wellbeing. Finding a natural aid to these issues is always on the minds of many because using pills is not the best option. CBD oil has been proven to impact mental health in a positive way, and since this oil is derived from the same plant as marijuana, it is not all too surprising it can improve your mood. In both animal and human studies, CBD oil has proved to impact mental health and reduce anxiety and depression. It interacts with the brain and helps to calm us, allowing for better control over emotions. 

  1. Cancer symptom aid

Whilst we are not about to make a bold statement such as CBD oil can help treat cancer, what it can do is have a positive impact on sufferer’s symptoms and help to control these symptoms. CBD may be able to reduce the symptom related to cancer such as pain, nausea, vomiting, and more. When exploring the effect CBD oil has on the body, it was noted that CBD seems to be more effective in symptom control than THC. CBD can also help with the symptoms relating to chemotherapy and this means that many sufferers will be able to avoid the pain and discomfort felt after a session of therapy. Those who suffer from cancer need all the help they can get, and CBD might just be a small miracle for sufferers in making their lifestyle more bearable during treatment. It has also been linked to the reduction in size of breast cancer cells. In short, CBD oil will be a great addition to your medicine cabinet if you are suffering from a form of cancer. 

  1. May Reduce Acne

Acne is a problem we most associate with our teen years however, it can be an ongoing issue into adulthood too. If you have naturally oily skin, you will be predisposed to acne and this means you are more likely to suffer from acne as an adult. Treating acne can be a pain and it is always best to let the spots shrink on their own rather than pop them. CBD oil has been tested in relation to acne and it has shown to help reduce the risk and also treat it more effectively. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and as a result it is useful in reducing redness and swelling caused by white and blackheads. CBD oil has also been shown to prevent the skin cells from producing excess sebum, which can block pores and cause a spot outbreak. 

  1. Neuroprotective 

As we live through the years of our lives, one of the most important things for us to consider is our brain and the health of our brain cells. Our brain cells are the cells which make us who we are and allow us to develop traits and maintain a healthy personality over time. Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are caused by brain cells dying at a rapid rate, and to avoid this happening to use during our loves we need to think of solutions now. Preventing the decay of brain tissue is incredibly important and it is something we have to consider every day. CBD oil can help keep brain cells active and healthy, and therefore reduce the risk of them dying at a faster rate than they are produced. CBD oil can even be used for those who are suffering in the early stages of a neurological disorder to holt the onset of dangerous symptoms which may have an effect on their quality of life.

  1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is literally the beating heart of the body. It performs an essential job by pumping oxygen around the body to supply every cell with essential nutrients and energy. CBD oil has been proven to aid in heart health and this is something which has been a huge help for many. CBD oil is particularly effective in reducing blood pressure and this has been a big help to those who suffer with high blood pressure due to stress or cholesterol. 


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