Why is Solo Living on the Rise?

According to government figures, almost one in seven people are likely to be living alone by the year 2039. While these are based on UK stats, the same is true for many developed nations around the world with solo living being a global trend. More people are breaking away from their family units and living a life of independence instead. We see less extended family living together than we once did, and it seems that households will be getting smaller still. Here are just a few reasons why we’re seeing an increase in single occupant households.

Divorce/ relationship breakdown

Divorce was once so taboo that many people would stay in unhappy relationships for years simply because they didn’t want the stigma of separating. We now live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to break up with your partner if you’ve tried and things aren’t working- in fact, no one would encourage someone to stay in a relationship where they weren’t happy! While some might argue that we live in a ‘throw away’ culture which can also be applied to marriage, it’s only a good thing that we have control over our lives and don’t feel pressured to stay in a situation that makes us miserable. 

People living to older age

When we look at the numbers, a large chunk of people living alone is actually older adults. People living to an advanced age, and medicine meaning they’re still able to live independently is a good thing in many ways. The downside here is that advanced age is often associated with loneliness and feeling isolated, and so this can be an issue with people living alone. If you have a loved one who’s still independent and on their own, it’s important to make sure they’re getting the help they need as age and health conditions advance. Regular visits from family and learning to use the internet can all help with loneliness. 

Changing expectations and norms

Living alone is no longer taboo- no longer do we picture a desperate singleton who can’t find love or a lonely old spinster when we think of people living alone. In fact it’s quite the opposite, living alone can be seen as something transformative, a way to find yourself and gain independence. When you think of someone living alone now, it’s more than likely a high flying career girl or guy that springs to mind, with a tiny yet awesome modern apartment in a vibrant city close to everything they need. With social expectations and norms changing and living alone being considered something that’s beneficial and perfectly acceptable to do, it can spur more people on to give it a go. If you truly want to stand on your own feet then living alone is a great way to achieve this. Pass your driving test and snag a car from a company like https://www.hiltoncarsupermarket.co.uk too, and you’ll gain a level of independence many could only dream of. 


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