How To Build A Better Relationship With Mother Nature

In modern society, very few people have a strong relationship with Mother Nature. It’s becoming more and more common for children and adults alike to spend almost all of their time indoors, unaware of the disastrous effect this is having on their surroundings. Building a strong connection with the natural world can help to bring you closer to your roots whilst improving your mental and physical health at the same time, so it’s vital that society can take steps towards conservation and sustainability to ensure that the earth can thrive for as long as possible. So, if you feel as though you have lost touch with the natural world and would like to find out a little more about how you can change that, then read on environment and human population related books and novels to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today!

Say No To Smartphones

One of the main reasons that the average person is spending more of their time indoors is thanks to the advancements in technology and entertainment. Ever since the dawn of the smartphone, life as you know it has changed dramatically – it’s highly unlikely that you will spot someone who doesn’t have their hand glued to phone, and this obsession is having a devastating effect on us as a species as well as the planet too. There are certain facts that reveal just how much we love our smartphones, and it can be shocking to uncover the hours spent mindless tapping away every single day. Saying no to your smartphone will improve your life in several different ways, like providing you with much more free time to get outdoors and explore, as well as reducing your overall carbon footprint too. Most smartphones contain many different materials that are sourced in an unethical manner such as cobalt, which is a trade known to make use of child labour and other upsetting activities, so removing these items from your life will help to clear your conscience at the same time. 

Consider A Plant Based Diet

It’s said that animal agriculture releases more dangerous gases into the atmosphere than all modes of transport combined, and this is truly a shocking statement. The sheer number of ‘meat’ animals that are being reared on the planet at any one time is enough to shock even the most educated of individuals, and the simple fact of the matter is that it is not sustainable. Not only do you need to clear masses of forest land to accommodate these animals, you also have to provide them with thousands of gallons of water as well as grain and food to help them reach full size. The meat production industry is one of the worst establishments in regards to supporting Mother Nature, so deciding to switch to a plant based diet could just be the perfect option for you. Veganism encompasses the thought that all living beings deserve a chance, as well as the understanding that eating a plant based diet is far more environmentally friendly too. Consuming no foods that originate from animal sources will open you up to a whole new world of fruit, vegetables and grains, so this could even aid in improving your general health and wellbeing too! There are so many vegan recipes online that can help to guide the way and show you just how it needs to be done, as well as several different resources that will allow you to work out how many gallons of water and animal lives you have saved by switching to a plant based diet. 

Reduce Your Waste

One of the largest issues that our society is having to try and tackle is the excessive amount of waste produced by everyone all over the world. There simply aren’t the right systems in place to deal with the sheer volume of rubbish that each country makes, and this means that many people are turning to the wrong methods to get rid of their waste. The number of illegal rubbish dumps is always on the rise, and some big businesses have even been caught in the act whilst dumping sometimes toxic waste into the sea or other bodies of water. Plastic is now one of the main issues at the centre of society’s attention, as the simple fact of the matter is that the sea has been poisoned by the material. Not only are there millions of pieces of rubbish simply floating around in the ocean, there are also billions of tiny, tiny micro plastic pieces that are being consumed by fish and aquatic life, then eaten by us. It’s heartbreaking to see the effect that plastic is having on the ocean and it’s inhabitants, as it would seem that many species are beginning to dwindle in numbers thanks to their excessive consumption of plastic and other waste products. The main thing that you can do to help in this scenario is to change your lifestyle and ensure that you no longer produce large amount of rubbish, and always opt for recyclable or reusable goods. If something containing plastic is not recyclable, you must consider the implications of this before you decide whether you actually need to buy the item. Enough has to be enough, otherwise the ecosystem that we know of will take a blow like never before. 

Building a better relationship with Mother Nature is such an important task to undertake, and the benefits for both you and the environment can make your hard work seem so worthwhile. Start off by acknowledging your unhealthy relationship with your smartphone and other pieces of technology, and try to reduce the amount of time you spend utilising electronic entertainment systems. Consider switching to a vegan or plant based diet to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses created thanks to meat production, as you can really transform your carbon footprint by making such a simple change. Take steps to reduce the amount of waste that you produce, and always try to source recyclable or sustainable materials.