How To Appeal To The Modern Customer

As a business owner, you will understand the need to adapt what you are doing to appeal to the modern customer. Outdated methods of marketing and redundant business processes are not going to do you any favors, so you need to change with the times.

By making changes in your business, you will:

Win more customers to your side
Enhance your reputation
Benefit from improved customer feedback

So, what can you do to appeal to the modern customer? Well, there is quite a lot you can do, and you might not need us to tell you. You’re a customer too sometimes, so consider what you want from today’s businesses. You can also survey your own customers in an effort to find out more about them.

But if you do want some suggestions, consider the following.

#1: Appeal to mobile users

People are glued to their smartphones on an almost 24/7 basis. Heck, they probably dream about them when they’re asleep too! According to smartphone statistics, the average user will use their phone 2,617 times a day. That’s a lot of clicks and swipes!

So, do what you can to appeal to mobile users.

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile
Create a QR code to lead mobile users to your website
Use Messenger to send current and potential customers marketing messages
Create a mobile app to give people another way to connect to your business

These are just a few of the things you can do to appeal to mobile users, but you can use your own phone to Google a few more ideas!

#2: Care for the environment

Modern consumers understand the need to care for the environment, and they want you to help them make a difference. According to studies, two-thirds of Americans prefer eco-friendly brands, so to win them to your side, you need to do what you can in your business.

You could:

Use a sustainable shipping company for your deliveries
Use less packaging when shipping your products
Use sustainable materials when creating your products
Use a green business idea when creating a new startup
Raise money for environmental causes

You can also do some of those things you do at home. So, you might implement a recycling policy, for example, and you might ensure every staff member conforms to energy-saving habits when at your premises.

#3: Give your customers options

Customers love having freedom of choice, but we aren’t only talking about choosing from the products you sell. To appeal to the modern customer, you should consider the way you do business with them.

For one, consider communication options. Traditionally, the humble telephone was the main communication method, but today you should give your customers a choice of other ways to get in touch with you. As examples:

Live chat on your website
Social media
Web forms

Think about payment options too. You should offer a range of online payment options if running any kind of E-commerce site, and you should allow for mobile payments, such as Apple Pay, alongside cash and credit cards if you’re running an offline store.

Consider the other ways customers can do business with you in this modern age and implement a range of options in your bid to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Your business has a better chance of staying open if you appeal to the modern customer, so don’t stay rooted in the past. Make the relevant changes to ensure your nearest rivals don’t overtake you.

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