Disney Trivia: Cool Facts About This Awesome Company

From catchy songs to memorable lessons, Disney has made a great impact on a lot of people’s lives. From our younger years growing up with a lot of Disney films and cartoons to our adulthood, we know the songs and characters by heart. Even in the modern generation, kids have come to love the new shows and characters from Disney.

There’s more to Disney than just a channel

Apart from giving us the most magical times in our childhood with catchy songs and tear-jerking scenes, there’s actually more to Disney than that! It’s one of the world’s largest companies, but not a lot of people know about its roots. It also has theme parks all around the world that’s enjoyed by millions of people. In this article, we’ll be giving you Disney facts which are not only nice to know, but also great to share with family and friends as trivia. Read on to know more!

Everything Mickey

Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the most famous character in Disney. You see the Mickey head silhouette in all the Disney shows and movies. Mickey was actually named by Walt Disney’s wife. From “Mortimer,” they decided to name him “Mickey” to have better appeal to their audience. The Mickey Mouse ears headbands are considered to be one of the most popular souvenirs that you can get at Disneyland. And you will find that Mickey Mouse makes an appearance before a Disney film. He is so famous that he became the first ever animated character to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 12, 1978 and claimed the 1700th star there. Mickey can be found everywhere on Disneyland and you will encounter lots of “hidden” Mickeys in the theme park.

The Disneyland theme park

Disneyland theme parks coined as the “happiest place on earth.” But there’s actually a lot that goes behind to make it the most awesome theme park around. One of the cool things you may not know is that Disneyland’s horses actually have rubber-soled shoes. Since the horses walk an average of hours per day at four days in a week, they need to be well-cared for. Another thing is that the theme park also has a secret basketball court which is hidden inside the Matterhorn roller coaster. This court is kept secret and is only available to Disney employees as their recreational hub during their breaks. All employees are also referred to in their first names with a name pin in the famous Disney font.

Not allowed in Disneyland

Disneyland has rules which bans a number of things that can be brought into the theme park by guests. This is to avoid any accidents inside the theme park to keep everyone safe. No one is allowed to bring skates, pogo sticks, tricycles, scooters, and selfie sticks inside. Vulgar clothing and tattoos are also prohibited. There was also a time that the theme park denied visitors with facial hair. But in 1960, that rule changed.

Famous Disney princesses

Disney has several royal characters in many of their films and shows. The Disney princesses are very popular and have made an impact on many little girls’ (and boys’!) lives. A cool thing about one of them, which is Pocahontas, is that she is only a Disney princess who’s based on a real-life person with an actual historical figure, having the same name. Princess Aurora on the other hand is the only princess who’s born as truly blonde. Other Disney princesses such as Cinderella and Elsa are strawberry blond and platinum blonde, respectively. Rapunzel was brunette without her magical hair. Tiana, on the other hand, was the first-ever black Disney princess, this was a milestone for Disney because it made Disney princesses become more varied in their race.

Disney opportunities

Apart from the many career opportunities that you can take at Disney, either as an animator, a character in Disneyland or movies, a voice actor or actress you can also take up an internship at Disney. If you’re a student, you can jumpstart your career with Disney through the Disney College Program. This gives you direct on-the-job experience to work at Disney parks and resorts. From five to seven months, you’ll be able to network with company leaders to develop your career. You may also apply for internships with a variety of positions near their resorts. They give you great opportunities, so you should definitely try it out if you’re interested.

Cool, huh?

And there you have it, five cool fun facts about Disney. Indeed, Disney isn’t just a company that produces films and TV shows, but they have so much more to offer. Their theme park is one of the most enjoyable places you can visit and knowing a bit more about it isn’t only interesting, but something that you can also share with your friends and family. We hope you enjoyed reading our article on Disney facts. Now you can share these facts to others too!

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