Tips on Preserving Wedding Gowns and Suits

Most people dream of walking down the aisle with the wedding gown or suit they like. These clothes are memorable to couples. It symbolizes their oneness and celebration of their love. Not to mention, these are the most expensive clothes you could ever purchase. 

Whether it is the price or the memories these clothes hold, preserving your wedding gowns and suits make future occasions unique. 

Unfortunately, not all brides and grooms know the importance of preserving their outfits after their wedding day. Wedding gown and suit preservation should be the first thing you need to do after the ceremony and before your honeymoon. 

If the big day is fast approaching, you can use these simple tips to preserve your gown and suit to help it withstand the test of time. 

Act Quick

Although your wedding gown and suit can wait for you to take them to a preservationist, it is best to have them taken care of right after the wedding day. Remember, your clothes might have stains or dirt from the celebration. It is best to have them removed while it is fresh and has not set in yet.

If you delay the preservation longer, the stains will be less likely to be removed. It is best to have your dress and your partner’s suit be taken care of by the preservationist than to have it restored. 

Before you send out your wedding dress for cleaning and persevering, there are a few things you need to remember: do not wrap the dress and the suit wins plastic. Sealing them will not allow vapors to evaporate, and it will trap moisture, which will cause mildew and molds to your precious articles of clothing.

Moreover, these clothes are heavy, do not hang them on an ordinary hanger as its weight will stretch or distort the fabric. Lastly, if you see stains on the wedding gown or suit, do not attempt to clean the stains. Let the experts do that. 

Why consult a professional wedding dress preservationist?

You may be overwhelmed by the fact that the dress and suit you and your partner wore at your wedding should be preserved. While there may be things that still hold you off, do not make it wait longer. Even when your dress or suit looks fine after the wedding, some unnoticeable stains will develop over time.

Professional wedding dress preservationists know the ins and outs of preserving a wedding gown and suit. If you decide to bring your dress to a professional preservationist, then you can expect to receive the following:

  • Thorough and delicate laundry cleaning. No harmful bleaches or chemicals are used during the process.
  • Stain treatment using special ingredients.
  • Press and steam as needed.

When you consult a preservationist, do not be intimidated. Ask questions. They use different techniques depending on the condition of your gown and its design. 

Consulting and hiring the right preservationist will indeed protect our dress and suit from stains, creases, mildew and mold, yellowish discoloration, oxidation spots, and dust.

Since wedding gowns and suits are quite expensive, these explain the need and importance of why they should be preserved– and why it should be done by a professional. These experts will remove stains, do repairs, press or steam dress, wrap in acid-free tissue, and store it. There are three preservation methods experts can do to your gown and suit:

  • Sealing – Some preservationists use vacuum seals to preserve and store wedding dresses. However, it is discouraged by experts because it encourages molds and mildew to progress inside the seal.
  • Boxing – Your dress is folded and placed inside an acid-free box to protect your gown or suit from permanent creases. Since the box is not tightly sealed, the fabric can still breathe. 
  • Bagging – This method is similar to what museums use in preserving costumes and heirlooms. Your dress is left hung and unfolded at a safe place.

You do not have to worry about the cost of a professional preservationist. The average cost is worth paying than having it restored. Moreover, you can also ask about their warranty policies. Ask them who is responsible if there are damages from the preservation process.

Place your wedding dress or suit in the right storage.

After you have entirely packed your wedding dress or suit, ensure that you have a place to store it somewhere safe. Do not keep your wedding dress or suit under extreme storage temperatures, humidity, and direct light.

Experts suggest that wedding gowns and suits that are preserved should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. The humidity of the storage box should be at 50%. Thus, your basements and attics are already out of the list. Why? Attics are too hot that temperatures could reach up to 140-degrees, while basements are damp and prone to floods. 

Thus, several couples choose to store their wedding gown and suit under their bed or in an extra dry closet they have. Always select a storage unit that provides a cool and dry environment for protection.

Last but not least: Look for an expert in preserving wedding gowns and suits.

Your research on tips should not take you this far if you know an expert in preserving wedding gowns and suits around your location– or if you are not confident doing the tips your own. Do not be afraid to ask for help from experts. 

Look for an expert who can offer dry cleaning, pressing, and preserving your wedding dress and suit. You can look for reviews and recommendations on a particular company to ensure that they will provide the best service in gown and suit preservation. 

Do not sleep on the fact that you need to preserve your wedding gowns and suits. Imagine walking down the aisle with a perfectly preserved, wrinkle-free, and stain-free dress and suit on your silver or golden wedding anniversary. Nostalgic, isn’t it? It is better to have the wedding gown and suit worn on your big day undergo the preservation process.

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