4 Things You Need To Travel With In 2021

With any hope, soon, going to airports, getting on airplanes, and traveling will be the new norm again. The hope being that with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine around the world, countries would be willing to open borders again, and allow visitors to come in, resuming their touristic activities. That way you can go back to planning your vacation, like visiting the beaches of Greece or take a Florida Keys Fishing trip. Since it’s probably been a long time since you last traveled, and visited a new country, you might have forgotten the essentials that you need to pack with you. Even if you haven’t, keep in mind, the world has changed, and there are other essentials that you need to consider. Here are 4 things you need to travel with in 2021. 

#1- Your Health Card 

2020 taught us that you can never be too safe. Could you imagine if you were traveling, and got stuck in a foreign country, with Covid-19 or any other virus? This is why it’s essential to have with you your very own health card. This is a card that has your health information such as blood type, any allergies, underlying sickness, and any other relevant health information. This card will come in handy if -God forbid- you got sick while on vacation or fell overboard on some family fishing trips, then you’ll have to go to a hospital in a foreign country, and you need to provide them with your medical history. If you are unable to do so or need to do so in a quick manner, this card is the perfect way to solve that. 

#2- A Reliable Camera 

It’s been at least a whole year since you’ve left your city or neighborhood. A lot has changed around the world. Many countries had to apply and enforce strict changes to their cities and cultural hubs to apply safety measures. Having a reliable camera with you (a go-pro would be a good idea) is a great way to sort of document the different ways cities and countries have changed, and provide your input on camera. Take pictures of everything and comment on the sort of changes you’ve noticed and whether or not you’ve seen them in your home country. 

#3- Exercise Clothes 

A lot of people approach vacation as a way to take time off from EVERYTHING. That includes work, family, even staying healthy and working out. But there is no reason why you can’t work out when on vacation, even if you’re taking time off to relax. Whether it’s a morning workout at the gym in your hotel, or a run at the beach you’re staying near to, pack some exercise clothes so that you are able to get the much-needed workout in while you’re on your much-needed vacation. 

#4- Personal Protective Equipment While we all want Covid-19 to be done and over with, the truth is it’s not. Even with the rollout of vaccines, in 2021, it’s still early, and there is no guarantee, to determine that the virus is over with. We still don’t know the implications of the virus, and how long it’ll be around. This is why you need to keep a supply of personal protective equipment with you when you travel, especially, if it is a kids fishing trip. The essentials would be a face mask and sanitizer, which will come in handy when you walk through airports and largely occupied tourist places.

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