Daily Care Tips to Make Your Furniture Look Good and Last Longer

Furniture that lasts for a lifetime is indeed a valuable investment. However, its longevity depends upon proper maintenance and care. Whether you are a serious homeowner or a lazy one who barely finds the time to accommodate routine household chores in your schedule, the following daily care tips when it comes to taking care of your furniture will help-

  1. Dust and regularly vacuum your furniture

Ensure you make both vacuuming and dusting a regular part of your cleaning routine at least once a week. You need to ensure there is no dust on your furniture, along with food particles and other tiny items that might attract insects and bugs. If you leave your furniture without cleaning the dust for a very long time, this will lead to discoloration, especially if it is light in color. Consider using furniture covers for very light pieces in your home. You will find several attractive pieces in both local and online stores.

  1. Care for furniture made of leather

Investing in good leather furniture décorlends a lot of character to the room. However, if you want your furniture to last, you need to go one step further with the basic cleaning schedule of dusting and vacuuming. You should treat the leather well so that it is cared for properly.

Note, there are two types of leather-

  • Unprotected leather – This is called aniline leather or known as unfinished leather. It is very close to the raw state of leather and generally has no protective chemicals.
  • The protected leather – This is known as finished leather or semi-aniline leather and is more resistant to stains and durable. It generally has a resistive protective coating.

When you know what sort of leather you have, this knowledge helps you choose the right cleaning agent for your leather. For unprotected leather, dusting and vacuuming are enough. It is the best way for you to clean this leather. You can also use a damp cloth with distilled water to wipe it. However, to prevent damage, you should check what the manufacturer recommends when cleaning this leather.

Wooden Furniture and their daily care –

Furniture made from wood needs extra special care to make it last longer. However, make sure you keep water and moisture away from wooden furniture. You should-

  • Dust wooden furniture regularly. For stains, use a damp cloth and not a soaked one. Apply soap and water and wipe the furniture gently.
  • For table surfaces, use coasters and placemats, especially for your dining table. If the surface is protected, it will have lesser risks of water ring formations and does not absorb moisture. Unprotected surfaces will form water stains and rings that might be hard for you to remove.
  • Do not place furniture made of wood under direct sunlight.
  • In case you notice any cracks, immediately contact the manufacturer.

Therefore, when it comes to the daily ways of taking care of your furniture, follow the tips above. They are simple yet powerful when it comes to enhancing the appeal and the longevity of your furniture with success!