TikTok Growth Tricks for Increasing Your Fan & Follower Count

TikTok has created a major splash in the social media landscape, and that is not because of teenagers alone. We know that on TikTok, the overwhelming demographic is Gen Z, and the platform is still packed with the typical TikTok dances, but it is evident that TikTok provides endless exposure to its users. This sort of exposure could do wonders for all your other existing social pages, your business, or even your email list. Today, the audience is getting frustrated with the difficult Instagram algorithm that nobody can crack or the lack of attention or engagement on the platform. As such, Instagram users are getting driven to TikTok, where they can have an honest and intuitive connection with their brand or business.

As per an expert and successful TikTok user at Inc., it is a good idea to focus on engaging with your target audience initially instead of trying to sell your product. You may wait to introduce your brand only after creating a community successfully. If you wish to take the fullest advantage of TikTok, you will require an overpowering TikTok presence. The broader your TikTok audience, the greater opportunities you will be getting to boost your overall brand awareness and effectively engage all your potential clients. Here are some TikTok growth tricks for increasing your fan or follower count dramatically.

Consider Keeping Your Profile Active

Just like any other platform, here in TikTok too, you should keep sharing content frequently to obtain more and more followers. If you publish more content every day or every week, your likelihood of attracting more people goes up. Eventually, more users will find you and start following you. Moreover, if a visitor to your profile finds that you are in the habit of uploading content frequently, he will be motivated to follow you on TikTok.

Some more tips for keeping your profile active:

  • It is recommended to initiate the stratagem with videos every single day.
  • Try experimenting with your posting times and discover the perfect time that works best for your posts.

Be the Real You & Identify Your Audience

In the beginning, you may assume that it is best to keep posting dancing and hilarious videos to align your brand with the prevailing TikTok culture. However, you cannot ignore the fact that TikTok has a niche for practically everything-entertainment, education, travel, inspiration, parenthood, etc. TikTok is supposed to be all about being who you are and about being genuine. Moreover, TikTok is the platform where you could chill out completely. You could have immense fun and stop taking yourself seriously. Users will be attracted by your authenticity. Demonstrate your intrinsic personality via your creative videos, and allow your audience to discover new aspects of your personality and business that cannot be demonstrated on Instagram via a photo grid. This way, you can gain numerous fans and followers on TikTok. Moreover, you may buy TikTok fans or followers to boost the overall follower count instantly and gain more business exposure.

Utilize the Perfect Hashtags

You can boost the discoverability of your videos on TikTok by incorporating the perfect hashtags into your post captions. By including hashtags within your caption, you may end up increasing the likelihood of your videos appearing I the “For You” page. We know that when TikTok users are searching for that hashtag, your video can be discovered. It is best to utilize hashtags that are relating to your specific content. Remember general hashtags seem to be saturated; hence, your videos will fail to feature on top of TikTok’s For You page. More precise hashtags relevant to your content could make things easier for TikTok users to have easy access to your videos.

Keep Track of Your Analytics

TikTok analytics could be utilized for helping you fine-tune your content stratagem according to precisely what your followers like most so that you can be strategically placed for going viral or attracting more exposure.

Keep Abreast of the Latest TikTok Trends

TikTok is meant for trends. From dance videos to challenges, something new is always coming up on the platform. If you wish to grow your followers on TikTok, focus on staying abreast of the latest TikTok trends and then participate in the TikTok current trends.


With such an intimate and casual platform such as TikTok, you could cement robust bonds with your precise target audience. Moreover, you can communicate and interact directly with them for understanding them better. It could go a long way in helping in all your endeavors and offerings.