Give Your 80” Series One Land-Rover a Make Over On It’s 75th Anniversary

A super keen Land-Rover enthusiast, since childhood is urging fellow 80” Series 1 owners to start preparing their pride and joy now, to help celebrate Land-Rover’s 75th Anniversary in less than 2 years’ time. Never has it been easier to replace your rusty old bulkhead with a brand-new one, thanks to a Surrey based manufacturer who are the first company to make brand-new 80” bulkheads since the Rover Co. ended production in 1953.

Paul Halley, the founder of Pegasus Bulkheads said “My first love was a 1949 Series One 80” which was introduced to me by my Grandfather, who exported Land-Rover parts around the world in the 1950s. Now 3 generations later I’m doing the same but making them instead”.  “Our bespoke bulkheads have proven to be an exceptional fit after integrating all the parts into computer-aided designed bulkheads” he said. The digital duplication process started with two old 1950 and 1951 bulkheads, which were beyond repair. To reverse engineer the exact look and feel of the curves of a signature Rover part in a three-dimensional CAD system is difficult at best and interpreting the shapes for a computer can be time-consuming and an expensive process.

Replicating the main panel and main brackets was the most difficult part as Rover designed these components as single pressings. The complete assembly is built up on their purpose made jig, using 18 alignment points, then tig and MIG welded replicating the same techniques as the welders back in the day.

“All this tradition can pose a challenge, especially when the Rover Co. made various upgrades throughout the years”.  But to help fellow enthusiasts identify their exact bulkhead, Pegasus came up with their own system, based around the year and month each vehicle went into production. For the 80” bulkheads there are 5 different Types. Customers will save time and effort as all their bulkheads are ready to fit and are supplied with a red-oxide surface finish.

Paul said, “I’m looking forward to seeing all these iconic vehicles looking beautiful once again”. Not only are they a joy to drive, but they are a great investment too! With this in mind, Pegasus 80” bulkheads have built their bulkheads to the exacting standards of the originals and have all the unique design features including:

·         Pressed Steel Main Panel

·         Spun Metal Side Lamp Pods

·         Captive Nut Cages

·         BSF and 2BA Threaded Fasteners

·         Instrument Binnacle


19th May 2021

IMAGES – View more photos here.



About Pegasus Bulkheads Ltd

Pegasus Bulkheads Ltd ( is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom-made bulkheads for Land-Rover Series and Defender models.

“We are very much focused on the higher-end market and are well-known for supplying superior quality, high specification and totally accurate bulkheads for enthusiasts who want their vehicles looking exactly like their original, with all the unique design features”

Other replica bulkheads made by Pegasus, starting at £1800 are:

  • 80″ Bulkheads
  • Late Series 1, 86″, 107″ 88″ and 109″
  • Series 2a and 3 Lightweight Upper Ventilator Panels
  • Series 2 and 2a Bulkheads
  • Series 2a and 2b Forward Control
  • Series 3
  • Defender Bulkheads
  • V8 Conversions
Our Company also have a sister site Pegasus Parts ( which manufactures other obsolete parts for the Land-Rover classic Series range.

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