Can You Turn Gambling into an Actual Career?

The gambling industry continues to thrive despite a pandemic and this is mainly thanks to its online sector. More and more people are showing interest in gambling activities like online casino gaming and sports betting. Thanks to technology, these are activities that people can do anywhere they are and anytime they can think of.

Online gaming with real money can be fun, overall. It’s a great way to kill some time and to sports punters, it’s a great way for them to show their support to their favorite teams and/or athletes. It’s no secret that gambling can be lucrative but of course, only when it’s done right and responsibly. Placing bets online is also convenient through the best betting apps in India or anywhere else in the world. With just a few taps, you should be good to go.

More and more countries are starting to embrace different gambling activities – online or not. With that, more people are also starting to take this activity seriously. There are people out there who see gambling as a professional career.

About Gambling Professionally

Being able to gamble professionally could mean a few things. However, for this to be considered as an actual career or source of income, it will mean that at least 60 percent of your monthly income is from this activity. This means that you should be able to pay for the majority of your bills because of gambling.

Now, many would probably say that gambling as a full-time job is just wishful thinking, but some people are known for this like Dan Bilzerian. He does have several ventures on the side but he is mainly known as a professional gambler. He’s one of the high-profile pros out there in terms of gambling.

While it is possible to make a living out of gambling, you must know that this career is not for everybody. It takes a lot of effort and money to be able to be successful in this. Luck is also added into that mix but your success on this sort of career path will not heavily rely on it.

Professional gamblers need more than just luck to be able to succeed in what they are doing. Just think of running your own business. This is how gambling as a career works. You will be running your own business and the bets you place will always have to make sense.

This is why professional gamblers don’t rely on games that are mainly reliant on chances or luck like slot machines. The pros would rather get into something that will require them to think and analyze the odds. Sports betting is the go-to of many pros out there. If you know a lot about the sports you’ll be wagering on, then your chances of winning are higher than the others.

If you do choose to mainly wager on sports to make a living out of gambling, it’s best that you only stick with the sports that you know best. You also should be updated about the latest happenings on the teams involved in the league. Factors like injuries, the weather, and even the athlete’s diet could help you make an informed bet to better the chances of you winning.

Aside from sports betting, others would also play table games like Poker or Blackjack. These games don’t just require luck. You will also need to come up with strategies to improve your chances of winnings. Every game could also be a learning process and this is why it’s best to always analyze the moves you make and figure out how you can do better on your next games.


To be able to make a living out of online gambling activities is not a walk in the park. This is why it is not a career that would suit everybody. It’s a risky business and you should be able to afford losing if you want to get into this.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a lot of money to start with. What’s important here is that you set a budget when you’re testing the waters. See if this is something that you can do for a long time. You should keep a separate bankroll for the business too. This way, you get to easily see how much you’re making and how much you are also losing.

Overall, you can turn gambling into an actual career but know that not everyone who has tried has succeeded.