How to Choose the Most Profitable Slot in an Online Casino?

Slot games are profitable in general, with very high payouts and relatively low bet thresholds. But not all slot games are the same. Even within these profitable games, you can find ones with better returns. Sometimes it takes actually trying the slot to figure out how profitable it is. There are statistics and mechanics you can look at as well, which is what we will cover today.

Online Casinos in the UK

Here in the UK, online gambling and slot games are ramping up in popularity. Gambling can be a precarious subject because gambling addiction is a common issue. The gambling age restriction in the UK is only 18, which gives many players access to lower-risk games such as slots. 

No one starts playing in a casino with the intent to lose, so figuring out which slots can yield the most returns will give you the upper hand.

How to Pick a High-Paying Slot

Look at the RTP

The first step is to examine the payout percentage, or RTP (return to player). This figure is fairly easy to find, as most developers and online casinos will list it. You’re in luck because online casinos generally offer a better payout and return rate compared to in-person establishments. 

The RTP is listed in a percentage, and it refers to how often the game will give you returns. 96% is the average RTP for online slots, which looks quite promising. However, you can find some that go lower than that and others that offer higher RTPs.

Mega Joker, for example, is a classic slot game from NetEnt. The RTP is an astounding 99%! Keep in mind that some games with such high returns may sometimes have a high volatility rating. After all, the developers can’t make it too easy on you – where’s the fun in that?

Speaking of volatility rating, that is the next thing you look for. In many cases, it will be the opposite of the RTP. This means a game with a high RTP may be highly volatile. 

Check the Amount of Reels

The next consideration when you’re playing for money in an online casino is looking for slots with a high number of reels. More reels usually equal more pay lines, which means there are more ways to win. We also remind you that if you are looking at the infinity reels mechanic, then the number of reels is endless, giving you virtually infinite pay ways. 

Most grids are at least 3×5 in size with 20 to 25 pay lines as an average standard. Slots with more than that have the potential to offer more wins, especially with the expandable reels mechanic.

Are There Bonus Rounds?

Other bonus features slot games can include to give you more wins include bonus rounds. We’re talking about the free spins, respins, bonus games, multipliers and more. The more extras a slot game offers you, the more chances you have at winning more.

How do you identify these features? Again, the description of the slot should clearly state what bonuses are embedded in the game. 

Is There a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is perhaps one of our favorite features and what can really make a slot game profitable. When you’re looking through the slot game menu in an online casino, sort through ones with progressive jackpots.

A progressive jackpot slot is a game where the jackpot will increase each time the player wins. When the player wins once, the jackpot is reset to a certain value and then resets again after each subsequent win. The amount after each reset will be higher than the last. 

Try It Out

Another tip to choosing the most profitable slot games in an online casino is to just try it out. These platforms and developers will often offer a free demo. In this short demo, you can experience the game first-hand and understand the mechanics to decide how profitable it is.

Read the Reviews

Read about what others think of the game. If you don’t feel like trying or can’t find a free demo, you can watch videos or read slot reviews to decide whether or not the game is for you. 

Alexandra Vasilkova, our slot expert, says reading reviews can give you an unbiased perspective of how a game operates. You can read more about Alexandra.


Picking a profitable slot game in an online casino is easier than you think. Follow our steps above to find the ones with the biggest wins!

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