Ten Things That You Can Do in Goa That You Cannot Do in Mumbai

A little bit of beach hopping, lazing about at the shacks, having a party at Tito’s and sipping on some delicious cocktails – this is what the majority of tourists do when visiting Goa. However, if you happen to be a real traveler, then you will not be content with just this. To feel Goa’s beating pulse, you have to dig deeper than that and go to places that are beyond most tourists’ perspective. Mumbai is known as a tourist heaven, but here we are going to look at things you can do in Goa that you cannot do in Mumbai.

Take a Walk in the Space Plantations

Goa is known for its beaches, but the spice plantations are actually some of the most off the beaten track places to visit. You can take a walk through the plantations and learn all about the different spices that are grown there. The biggest and best plantations in the region are the Savoi plantations and the Sahakar Spice Farm. Apart from getting to enjoy the natural beauty, you also get to play with some elephants. You can sit on them or give them a bath while they splash you with water.

Go Crab Catching

Crab catching is not easy, that is for sure. If you do not like getting your hands a bit dirty or are scared of getting a little pinch, then this is probably not really your cup of tea. This is probably one of the craziest things to do in Goa, but it is a fun activity. There are a number of crab catching tours that you can join or you could simply just make a friend in one of the local villages and go crab catching with them for the day.

Dine on a Houseboat

When you think of Goa, I bet houseboats do not automatically enter your mind, right? However, they should as there are some amazing places that offer a really great houseboat experience. Book a table and go and eat and dance on a houseboat on the stunning waters of Goa. Go on a lovely date with your partner or party the night away with your friends. There are some houseboats where you can even stay the night.

Visit a Casino

When it comes to land-based casinos, you will not find many in India since gambling is something that is restricted across most of the country. However, this does not prevent the people of India from gambling as they simply sign up with online casinos in India that are based overseas. At this moment in time, there are two states where you can find land-based casinos and Goa is one of them, with the other being Sikkim. If you are into your gambling, then we recommend that you pay a visit to the Deltin Royale – a huge boat where you can find more than 1,000 games, plenty of live entertainment, and quality cuisine.

Go Island Hopping

Not sure as to what to do while in Goa? Well, go island hopping as this is something we highly recommend you do when you are in Goa. Far from the noise of the city and those rowdy tourists, these segregated islands offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. You can get to these islands by ferry and on them you will see Portuguese-style houses, a quaint environment, and lush vegetation. We suggest that you buy some baked goods too as they have some of the best baked goods that you will ever try.

Play with the Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is one of the best offbeat things that you can do while in Goa. Not many tourists know that this is a possibility, which is a shame because it really is an amazing experience. The cruises can often be booked from the likes of Panaji Jetty, Fort Aguada, or Sinquerim. If the water is rough, then you will not be allowed to get in and swim with the dolphins; but seeing these majestic animals up close is more than enough.

Walk in Goan Caves

Not many people know that Goa is home to some surreal caves and that they have great natural and historical importance and are some of the most romantic places in the state. The important caves that you should take a closer look at are the Lamgua Caves, the Arvalem Caves, and the Rivona Caves. So, if you are ever planning a trip to Goa, make sure not to miss out on a bit of caving.

Visit Devil’s Canyon

Goa is more than just beaches, and anyone that tells you otherwise knows nothing about Goa. When you are visiting Goa, you should take a visit to the Devil’s Canyon. Legend has it that a demon used to live here and had complete control over all living creatures in the region. However, when the demon was duped by a local and had all his fish stolen, he cursed the area. When you visit here you will notice the uncanny silence and eerie vibes. The strong flowing river in the gorge has taken the lives of plenty of swimmers over the years, so be careful.

Go Hot Air Ballooning

If you are looking for a really romantic experience while in Goa, then hot air ballooning is something you have to do. Chandor, which is in the south of Goa, is the village where you should go to enjoy this amazing experience. Tours are often in groups of ten, but you can also book a special tour with that someone you love. The sights that you will see from hundreds of feet in the air will take your breath away. If you are thinking about proposing to your loved one, this would be one of the best ways to do so, that is for sure.

Go Crocodile Spotting

This might sound a bit scary, but life would be boring if we did not have a little adventure every now and then. The Zuari River is one of the most beautiful spots in Goa and it is home to plenty of crocodiles. Tourists love to come here to see these dinosaurs in the flesh as the sunbathe on the mudflats. You can get some great photos to show your friends back home.