5 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Choosing a Vasectomy

Millions of men in Australia undergo vasectomies each year. If you are weary of fathering any future children, perhaps a vasectomy is right for you as well.

A relatively simple and inexpensive form of permanent birth control, a vasectomy is rarely a cause of future complications or dissatisfaction. That said, before you choose to go forth with this procedure, keep in mind the following mistakes and missteps that men make involving vasectomies. These costly mistakes can be avoided with a bit of forethought and planning.

1. Not Choosing the Least Invasive Option

Vasectomies have been performed as a form of birth control since World War II. Still, conventional vasectomies are far different than the procedures men can opt for today.

Early vasectomies involved full anesthesia, multiple incisions, and many stitches. Today, your best option is a no scalpel vasectomy. This innovative procedure only takes five to ten minutes, and it does not require stitching or multiple incisions. In fact, you can stay awake through your vasectomy thanks to localized anesthetics.

2. Not Thinking Carefully About Future Reproductive Plans

However, though modern vasectomies are far less complicated and risky than the procedures of yesteryear, they require a lot of forethought. They are semi-permanent. This means that though a vasectomy can be reversed if necessary, the process is costly and is not guaranteed to work.

In short, you should be completely confident and at peace with your decision not to sire any future children before you make your vasectomy appointment. If you are single, make sure that you will not want to change your mind about fathering children if you should ever be married.

If you have a life partner, be courteous and mindful of them concerning your decision. Ideally, you should speak with your partner and make a joint decision not to have future kids prior to your vasectomy.

3. Not Taking Pain Killers Prior To the Procedure

Once you feel comfortable with your choice and you have booked your vasectomy, there are ways you can make the procedure easier on yourself.

Prior to your appointment, you can take some pain killers in preparation for the no scalpel procedure. Though your scrotum will be numbed by your doctor, a dose of acetaminophen taken a half an hour before the procedure will ensure that you don’t feel the injection of the localized anesthetic. You will also be more relaxed as you undergo the vasectomy, which will make the experience go more smoothly for the doctor as well.

4. Not Taking Proper Recovery Steps

A modern vasectomy is minimally invasive, which greatly reduces your period of recovery. In fact, you can even drive yourself home after this type of vasectomy.

However, keep in mind that a vasectomy is still a serious procedure. It still requires you to rest and recover. Though you can take care of yourself immediately after the procedure, you should take it easy for several days.

Do not lift heavy objects or bend down a lot until several weeks after the vasectomy. If you make sudden movements or you overexert yourself, you risk rupturing your scrotum. This may require future surgery and may lead to other complications.

5.  Not Using Backup Contraception

Once you have recovered and you’re ready to have sex again, remember to stay responsible. Your vasectomy is not deemed to be completely effective until you have had a post-vasectomy semen analysis.
A semen analysis is a test that checks the potency of your sperm. It takes two tests of your semen to adequately ensure that your vasectomy was effective.
Until you are sure that you have blank sperm, it is a good idea to use backup contraception. You do not want an unplanned pregnancy just after you went through the trouble of undergoing a vasectomy.

Make Your Choice

A vasectomy is an intensional and semi-permanent step toward a carefree and responsible future. If you are serious about a future without the possibility of bringing children into this world, perhaps this procedure is the right one for you.
When you make up your mind, though, ensure that you do not make any of the above mistakes. Thinking your choice through and following proper precautions will make for a positive vasectomy experience.

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