Finding the Best Alert Systems for Your Building

When a fire breaks out, how do you alert your building that evacuation is needed? Houses and small businesses can rely on a simple smoke detector, but larger spaces call for louder, more penetrating sounds. This is where having a fire alarm horn or an MBA fire alarm bell becomes a handy option. By selecting a device that can connect to your fire control system and penetrate a large space with ease, you can keep everybody safe when the time comes.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm Horn

 Typical Mircom fire alarm horns are designed to be unobtrusive except when needed. They are usually built into the wall or attached in a way that creates only a small protrusion. The horns can be connected directly to your power grid, but they can also be equipped with a battery backup. That way, if a fire causes the building to lose electricity, your warning system will still function. Mircom horns usually come in red or white colors to indicate their use as fire safety devices, although it is also possible to get a more neutral color that simply looks like a silver speaker. Regardless of the size and style, the important thing is that they sound nice and loud when a fire breaks out.

Selecting a Fire Alarm Bell

 Fire alarm bells resemble horns in most regards, but are less digital. While a horn plays a noise that has been recorded, a bell is made of actual metal with a clapper and rings repeatedly when it goes off. This resembles the bell used at a fire station and is best used where the acoustics allow for the noise to echo and reverberate, notifying everybody in the vicinity that a fire is happening. Fire alarm bells can be damaged by contact that leaves the clapper bent or the bell itself loosened. For this reason, many locations that have an alarm bell within arm’s reach use a metal cage that allows the device to sound but prevents easy tampering from individuals who might accidentally damage it.

Testing and Maintenance

 As with smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, and other fire suppression equipment, you should make sure to test fire alarm bells and horns on a regular basis to ensure that they are doing their job properly. Remember that these alarm systems often go unused for many years, only actually being needed when a fire breaks out. However, when a fire occurs, you need the equipment to work perfectly. With digital alarm horns, make sure that the equipment sounds properly and can be heard clearly throughout the area. With an alarm bell, inspect the clapper and handle to make sure that it rings clear and true. You should also clear away any dust and debris that might interfere with the alarm’s operation.

A fire breaks out, forewarned is forearmed. The better your alarm system functions, the more time people have to get to safety. Ensure that you have a working and well-maintained alarm system, for the safety of the people around you.

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