6 Ways To Take Advantage of Instagram Marketing

In October of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Inc. announced that the company would rebrand due to recent controversies. Along with the new name for the company, Meta also introduced new and improved features of its social media platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Meta has made Instagram more appealing to business owners by updating its features. According to the platform’s analytics, the users here are much easier to distinguish and place them in a set of audiences than on Facebook. Instagram can help you effectively and efficiently grow your online presence, receive more leads, have additional clients, and increase sales.  

 6 Tips To Maximize Instagram for Your Business  

If you have a niche business and want to take advantage of Instagram as a marketing tool, here are some tips from Advanced Digital Media Services that you can follow to help you grow your company:  

  1. Know the purpose of signing up on Instagram.

The first step in taking advantage of the marketing features of Instagram is to sign up for a business account. It is your key to accessing a broader set of audiences on the internet.

Before you start posting and communicating with your followers, it is essential that you know what your purpose is for penetrating the platform. It could be:

  • To sell your products
  • To offer your services
  • To build a niche or community
  • To clearly communicate your brand message
  • To share your brand’s values

Having a clear reason for signing up on this marketing platform and anchoring your content and messaging to it is important. This helps make your posts look and sound more cohesive and build a stronger brand reputation.  

  1. Ensure to optimize your business profile.

Similar to how you use SEO strategies on a webpage, it’s also essential to optimize your Instagram profile. Here are some ways to maximize the common features of this marketing platform:

  • Switch to a business profile when you sign up. It has unique features that a personal account doesn’t have like contact and map buttons you can take advantage of.
  • Be creative in writing your bio. It’s limited to 150 characters, so try to squeeze in as much information that reflects your brand values as you can.
  • Add your website link to your bio to increase your web traffic and search engine ranking.

After getting your Instagram profile’s front-end ready to go public, the next thing you should learn about is it’s back-end or insights section. IG provides a comprehensive real-time report on your profile’s analytics. You must know how to interpret the data and apply changes to your strategies

  1. Think about your profile photo.

One of the most crucial features of Instagram business is the profile photo. Make sure it’s eye-catching and memorable to your audience. You should know the best photo to use on your account as the business owner. You should also be consistent with your other online profile pictures as much as possible to build brand recognition.

  1. Use visual aesthetics that fit your business.

When creating visual content on your Instagram feed, ensure that the aesthetics align with your business’s primary branding.  

Use editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva, and VSCO to enhance your photos. When applying filters, you must remember the exact brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other elements to ensure that your photos appear consistent on your feed.

Choose the best thumbnail for your video content before publishing it. It should also match your other post’s color grading to achieve unity on your feed.

  1. Post content regularly.

You might notice that certain posts get more engagement than others when you start posting photos. Regularly posting content will make your posts appear on other people’s timelines. They will become familiar with your company from there and will be able to see more of your posts in the future. Instagram uses algorithms that analyze a user’s Instagram daily activities like profile visits and posts they like.

If you have no time to publish them on time, you can use the Business Suite to schedule them on days and times you think you will be busy. It ensures that your posts will get published on time.

  1. Use hashtags.

The most straightforward way to market your business through Instagram is using trending hashtags.

If this is the first time you introduce your products and services to IG users, it is best to incorporate hashtags related to your business. It will make you more visible to your target audience. Some users randomly search for hashtags to discover posts and alter the algorithm of their profiles.

 Key Takeaway 

When you sign up for a business profile on Instagram, there are things that you must seriously follow to ensure the success of your niche business online. Those practices will guide you to have better analytics which you can use for other marketing strategies, both online and offline. Also, those tips are very straightforward, and anyone with experience using a basic Instagram profile can follow them.

Social media marketing and search engine optimization strategies work hand-in-hand to ensure the business’ online success. You can also look for more information in Advanced Digital Media Services, who are experts in digital marketing.