Drug Possession Impact on College Students

When one thinks of college, they tend to think about the partying aspect before education ever crosses their mind. After all, the way that college is depicted in movies and television comes across as a lawless, drug and alcohol filled 4 years of someone’s life. Despite the popularity of “no consequences” within the media, this is simply not the case.

It is well known that drugs can have a negative effect on one’s health, but for young adults that are trying to navigate their way through the college experience, drugs can have even more daunting effects. That is why the attorneys at Kurtz & Blum are dedicated to fighting against drugs. It is important to hire a lawyer who is fighting for the cause more than money.

The Downfall of Education

Many young adults realize the importance of a college education. Realizing the importance an education holds and making poor choices can go hand-in-hand, though. Being convicted on any array of drug charges can cost a student their entire ability to receive higher education. Not only can it lead to having all prior financial aid options pulled, it can lead to complete expulsion from the school. Now, not only will the former-student have an incomplete education, they will have a drug conviction on their record. These two aspects will make for an extremely difficult future in the job market.

What Constitutes a Drug Charge?

There are various different drug crimes that can be committed, and a college student status does not mean that someone is exempt from being charged with one. In general, what drug charge a person receives can be based upon quite a few different criteria such as, but not limited to:

  • Type of drug
  • Amount of Drug
  • Proof of sale/intent to sell

What Charges Can be Made?

Again, depending on several factors based around the drug use, intentions with the drug, etc., the charge will be unique to the situation. Drug possession, drug possession with intent to sell, and possession of drug paraphernalia are some of the more common charges. However, the charges can go as far as prescription drug fraud and drug trafficking.


Already touching on the topic of potential educational punishment, the punishments served by law tend to be even more dreadful. Dependent upon what drug was involved and what charge has been placed, a student can find themselves on the deep end of a heavy sentencing.

Since drugs are categorized schedules, it is fair (and correct) to infer that a schedule IV drug, such as marijuana, would carry a lesser punishment than a schedule I drug, such as heroin. Being charged with trafficking carries one of the highest punishments available in these situations, with methamphetamine and heroin carrying the longest jail sentences.

What Options do Students with Drug Charges Have?

There are options available for students that find themselves in this difficult situation. First and foremost, a state college drug possession lawyer can help with everything regarding the legal process. Having someone that is familiar with fighting alongside the student is extremely beneficial.

Regarding education, there are a few things that can be addressed as well. If the drug charge has pulled the ability to receive financial aid, gaining employment and asking for help with payments from those in your personal life are two steps that can be taken. If the student finds themselves kicked out of the school, there is a possibility to appeal that decision. While the outcome is uncertain, showing that the situation was a true learning experience and showcasing all the efforts that were made to reform one’s self might be beneficial.

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