Chloe Amour Stands Firm on Singleness Amidst a Surge of Proposals and Gifts

Chloe Amour Stands Firm on Singleness Amidst a Surge of Proposals and Gifts

Chloe Amour, the acclaimed model with an impressive social media following of over 2.1 million, continues to be showered with marriage proposals and grand gifts from passionate admirers, despite her resolute decision to remain unattached.

Chloe had previously grabbed the limelight with her specified conditions for potential suitors, including a yearly income benchmark of $206,000 USD. Her allegiance to maintaining her physique, notably through nude yoga routines, has also garnered significant attention.

The 32-year-old, celebrated for her candidness and bold stance, shared her experiences of the relentless courtship from besotted fans, particularly as Valentine’s Day looms.

“I receive loads of gifts from men – the norm is things from my Amazon wish list like flowers, balloons, and candy,” Chloe said, speaking from her residence in Las Vegas. “But I’ve also had them shower me with shoes, lingerie, and fine jewelry.”

Expanding on this, she said, “If I know the man or have met him in person, then a shopping spree is in order. Last year, I got given a matching Versace necklace and bracelet, a Burberry Poncho, a suede YSL bag, some tops [trainers] from Saks Fifth Ave, and two dozen roses. The best I could ever receive would be the deed to a house.”

Furthermore, Chloe’s inbox is crammed with emails from suitors desiring to marry her or entreaties to be their first. Despite the inundation of attention, Chloe’s commitment to singlehood remains unshaken.

“I’m enjoying being single so I just want to share the holiday [Valentine’s Day] with my fans,” Chloe pointed out. “The last time I went on a date was in July last year. After that, I just decided to only focus on myself.”

While she appreciates the gestures, Chloe has high expectations for any potential mates, emphasizing kindness, open-mindedness, and self-reliance. However, she affirms her contentment with her current single status.

“Maybe if my dream man showed up, I’d consider dating again but for now, I’m content being single,” Chloe concluded.