Nita Marie Warns Married Men Against Viewing Her Sensual Photos, Citing Personal Experience

Nita Marie, a Christian model with a divorced past, is capturing attention again, this time with a striking stance on her online image. While she celebrates her body and sexuality through her modelling, she firmly advises married men against engaging with her sensual content, referencing her own past as a caution.

Known for her handle @love_nitamarie on social platforms, Nita Marie is recognised for her honest conversations about religion and sexuality, even incorporating scriptural elements into her work. Nevertheless, she maintains a strict boundary regarding marriage’s integrity.

“In my first marriage, we didn’t have sex for seven years – but he was watching p*rn,” Nita Marie confides. “It caused a lot of problems because he was doing that instead of being intimate with me. I would prefer if married men didn’t look at my pictures and videos because I know how I felt when it happened to me.”

Her perspective is influenced by a reverence for the sanctity of marriage and an aspiration to encourage wholesome intimacy within marital relationships. She counsels married men to direct their affections towards their partners rather than seeking fulfillment in online imagery.

“I know that doing this work is encouraging some men to look at me on the internet versus looking at their wife, and I don’t agree with that,” she emphasizes. “If they are going to look, they should only do it as a way to get aroused for their wives.”

Despite potential controversy, Nita Marie regards her modelling as a source of empowerment for women, particularly those of faith. Through her visual work and her book, The Sacred Butterfly, she seeks to overturn conventional views and aid women in embracing their bodies and sexuality.

“My modelling’s been a way to embrace my new body and find my sexuality again, this time focusing on my pleasure,” she narrates. “Now I want to help other women heal their relationship with their body and with their sexuality.”

Armed with rejuvenated self-esteem and the backing of her partner, Nita Marie is resolute in her mission, claiming she is “doing God’s work.” Despite any disapproval, she is committed to her crusade for sexual freedom within the framework of religious belief.