Black Banx among world’s best mobile banking apps

Black Banx among world’s best mobile banking apps

Mobile-based banking apps allow users to access and manage funds from almost anywhere. The introduction of financial services via smartphone apps has revolutionised the banking industry. Today we delve into what makes a customer favoured mobile banking app and the standout features of those at the top of the industry. Focusing on Starling, Black Banx, Monzo, Revolut and Plum, we rate our top picks for any customer looking to switch.


Traditional UK banks such as Barclays, Santander and HSBC have transitioned many of their services to mobile and online banking whilst retaining a necessary physical branch presence. Alternatively, digital-only banks like Revolut and Black Banx are newer, eliminating the need for branches, using a remote-focused approach. It’s these bank’s we give an opinion on today.


Digital challenger bank Starling has been voted Britain’s Best Current Account Provider three years in a row. Customers can choose from a range of personal, joint and business accounts with the added benefit of fee-free overseas withdrawals and transactions. Their mobile app is simple to use and serious to look at. Prospective users can apply in minutes from their phone, with card freezing, cancelling direct debits and reporting a card as lost or stolen all able to be achieved from the app. With zero fees attached to an unarranged overdraft, Starling is an ideal choice for those with poorer financial habits. Starling is at the forefront of the banking app sector, further solidified by a 4.9 star review on the App Store regarding generally positive reviews.


In a similar approach, Monzo shares many of the same features as Starling but with a fun and friendly app interface. The difference lies in their savings options. Monzo allows customers to move savings to an account with a partner bank, Barclays, for example, to get favourable interest rates. In 2022, the digital-only bank was named Britain’s Best Bank by the British Bank Awards, and it’s clear why. Rated ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot, Monzo puts customers in charge of their spending using features such as real-time spending notifications, a split bill approach, and the ability to request or send money with a link. Their app has a more dynamic and interactive approach than Starling, and it’s paid off. Number 1 in the Apple Finance category, Monzo Bank has a 4.9 app store rating with mixed reviews as of recently. A noted downside? While business and individual accounts are on offer, joint accounts remain inaccessible to Monzo customers.

Black Banx

London-headquartered Black Banx offers digital and crypto banking solutions to over 39 million customers in 180 countries. To compare, Starling is only available to UK residents. Focusing on providing a borderless solution to finance, Black Banx and its billionaire founder, Michael Gastauer, are revolutionising access to digital banking services. Its innovative approach lies in its attitude towards crypto. Whilst competitors have also tapped into the crypto market, Black Banx offers client autonomy by combining the banking platform with critical features of the crypto exchange. With real-time currency and crypto exchange rates, a debit card and inter-platform instant payments in 28 FIAT and two cryptocurrencies, the company is a favourite for individuals and businesses looking to store their wealth safely. Customers can open an account via the Black Banx app within minutes and take advantage of its international real-time payment transfer and crypto wallet. Rated 4.9 stars on the app store, Black Banx secures itself as one of the best mobile banking apps. 


Arguably the UK’s most popular digital-only bank, Revolut takes a similar approach to Starling and Monzo. Revolut offers its customers significant savings when spending abroad by using the interbank exchange rate and cutting out transaction fees. Available in major economies such as the US, Singapore and Japan, this neo-bank has become a fintech leader. But it hasn’t come without controversy. Their mobile banking app is used by over 30 million customers worldwide with a strong 4.9 rating on the app store. An added bonus of Revolut? They allow users to earn cashback and rewards through transactions linked to their accounts. The downside? Revolut is still to receive a fully-fledged UK banking licence as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) remains wary of internal affairs and past complaints.


Plum has taken advantage of data suggesting 50% of Brits have savings of less than £1,500. Using AI technology, Plum is a savings and investment robot that analyses customer spending and automatically saves money for the user based on spending habits and what they can afford. This alternative approach makes saving easier. The company lets customers choose from a free account to a paying account, with added benefits such as a debit card. Plum’s ability to make saving easy, automatic and fun has made it a solid choice for customers looking to put aside money without the hassle. While performing lower in App Store ratings, the company still holds a reputable 4.7 stars. Recent negative reviews focus on the difficulty of closing a Plum account once taking out investments. Overall, this AI-friendly financial service does the majority of the banking work for you with minimal customer input. 

Black Banx, Starling, Revolut, Monzo and Plum are some of the world’s top mobile banking apps. With only Plum faltering below 4.9 stars, these financial services cater towards all users by focusing on a customer-first approach. Whatever your needs, these banks have your back.