Embracing Nomadic Freedom: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad and Enjoying Independence

Embracing Nomadic Freedom: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad and Enjoying Independence

Wherever you happen to live in Australia, you probably know a few people who work online; they might be employees working from home, or entrepreneurs who manage an online business such as a shopping cart website. Others are traders in crypto or shares, while some are web developers and cyber-security technicians, the list of professions that can work online is indeed long.

Analyse your strengths and talents

If you are lucky, your profession is able to work remotely, which technically means that you can become a digital nomad. Imagine heading off to work with your laptop, Frank Green water bottle and setting up your office in a beach bar in Phuket! Many digital nomads choose to spend half the year in Southeast Asia and who can blame them?


It has never been easier to become self-employed here in Australia; indeed, the entire thing can be done via the web, without the need to visit government offices.

Occupations that can be managed remotely

Here are some occupations/professions that come under the digital nomad umbrella.

  • IT/cyber-security
  • Software developer
  • E-commerce
  • Design, architect, civil engineer
  • Writer, blogger, journalist
  • Healthcare, mental health and marriage guidance counsellors, psychiatry
  • Fitness professionals, chiropractic, personal trainer, physiotherapy.
  • Crypto and shares trader
  • Teaching
  • Life coach
  • Yoga/Pilates instructor
  • Sales & marketing

There are many other occupations where you can work remotely, and this sector is predicted to grow exponentially over the next 5 years.

Setting up a business in a foreign country

Let’s say you are importing textiles to Australia from Thailand, it would be beneficial to set up a company in Bangkok; you could spend 9 months a year abroad and come home for the Aussie summer and Xmas. Seasoned digital nomads live all over the world, with the majority in Southeast Asia and every 3-4 months, he or she might travel to another destination. E-visas make it a breeze to travel and Airbnb provides the best accommodation.

Working remotely as an employee

Many employers prefer their staff to work from home, which slashes running costs; why not ask your boss if you can work remotely, you could compromise and visit the office one day a week. Most employers are favourable with remote work, as long as the business is not negatively impacted.


Many Australians living in Bali make their living selling products online; success is never a given and you need a good business plan to stand any chance of sustained growth in such a highly competitive market. You need to do some serious market research before embarking on an e-commerce project; digital marketing is critical, with ongoing SEO to drive traffic to your site. It is easy to manage an e-commerce business from a laptop, which is what many nomads do.

If you are fed up with your 9-5 job, widen your horizons and take stock of your ability, then you too, can enjoy a nomad lifestyle.