6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Astrology Reading

Getting ready for your astrology reading is an exciting but often nerve-wracking time. You want to get the most out of your reading, but if you have never done it before you may not know how to prepare ahead.

Not all astrology readings are the same, and the best way to prepare is to ask your astrologer ahead of time if possible.

However, if you are heading into an astrology reading blindly, without talking to the astrologer beforehand, you can make the most of your reading by using these 6 tips.

6 Ways to Use Your Astrology Reading Wisely

 It’s always important to know what you are getting into before going into your reading. Some astrologers are prediction-based, letting you know what may happen in your near future. Others focus primarily on one main area of your life, such as your relationships or finances.

Preparing for an online method is different than getting ready for a phone call, too, since when you use online reading you have a little more time to react and respond.

Whether your reading is over the phone or on the computer and no matter what you are going to talk about, here are the best ways to make the most out of your reading.

1 Prioritize your questions. This is the number one most important thing. You should always write your questions down in the order you want them answered. Don’t expect to remember them all when you are on the spot.

You should also understand that you may only get through a few of the questions in your allotted time. Some of the answers may lead you with other follow up questions, taking you down an unexpected road and away from your pre-made list. If so, you may want to schedule a second reading to handle the rest of your questions, but your priority ones will have been answered thoroughly.

2. Make sure you focus on the most relevant topics to you. You may currently be in a bad pocket of your relationship, so that is probably at the forefront of your mind. However, if the main problem that has plagued you over the last few months or years was your career or finances, don’t let the current struggle you are in take precedence over what you really wanted to know.

Keep your thoughts general as you are determining what you want to ask. What have been the main concerns that you have seen cropping up as patter in your life? What were those concerns related to? Finances, careers, relationships, love, and other categories should be your focus thoughts.

3. Don’t go all over the map with your questions. Most astrologers prefer to use the inch-wide, mile deep philosophy rather than vice versa. This means that they want to help you really focus on a problem area in your life and try to fix that area.

Hopping all over the place into broad topics doesn’t give the astrologer time to go deeply into any one area. At the time you may feel glad that you touched on a topic, but when you get off the phone or done with the reading, you will realize you really didn’t get much of an answer on it because you changed the subject to ask a different question.

4. Have all of your details on hand to save time. There are many vital details that your astrologer will need to give you an accurate reading. Some of these are simple, like your date of birth. But not everyone knows the time and place of their birth, and these three details are almost always necessary to create a complete birth chart. If you are using Zodiac astrology, for example, these are mandatory.

5. Have a way to take notes. When your astrologer tells you something that you really want towrite down and keep, it can cost you precious seconds of time running around trying to find a pen and piece of paper. By then, you have probably forgotten exactly what was said and you will need it to be repeated.


Instead, have a pad of paper and sharpened pencil or working pen on hand before you start your phone call. To be even better prepared, have an extra pencil, a pencil sharpener, or an extra pen just in case you are getting really into the information and something happens to your writing instrument in your hurry to get everything on paper.

Having these notes will let you come back to your reading later to see what you may have forgotten or compared how things are currently going to what your reading predicted and make changes if you forgot where you intended to focus and got distracted by daily life.

6. Remember that you are ultimately in charge of your life. While reading can give you details that will help you make certain choices in your future, as you listen to the predictions from your astrologer remember that it is a guide. The future as your astrologer is seeing it is based on you making the choices you are set out to make at the time of the reading.

But if your astrologer tells you that you will hit the lottery for millions of dollars and you sit around and wait for it to happen but never actually play, you will have changed that future by changing your normal actions.

7. Be Excited about Your Reading

 Preparing for your astrology reading is like waiting for Santa Claus as a little kid. While astrology isn’t a religion or a way to see your fates, it is a way to help you through your journey of life. Your reading will help you to handle the difficulties you may have to face and the obstacles that will be in your way of happiness.

Your reading will light your way through the dark times in your path and guide you into making sense of choices and their potential consequences. When you take the time to prepare ahead, you will get more out of your astrology reading and be able to use what you will learn more clearly.


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