6 Tips For a Cleaner and Healthier Home

We all want to be in the best physical shape possible. We want emotional and mental well-being, and we’d like to have our homes tidy and clean as often as possible. That’s a tall order if you’re like most people juggling professional and familial obligations – things can and often do, get overwhelming. So, it’s great to be armed with some tips for a cleaner and healthier home. We’re all exposed to toxins on a daily basis, from the air we breathe to the perfumes we wear and also – the things we clean our home with. Let’s take a look at some things we can do to start our days out with a breath of fresh air every day by making our homes as healthy as possible. 

Utilizing Houseplants 

Did you know that most of the common houseplants you see in homes as decoration do something much more powerful? Plants are excellent at filtering air and getting rid of harmful chemicals in homes. Formaldehyde is a common irritant found in homes, from cleaning to beauty products. Just placing houseplants around your home not only adds beauty but packs a serious health punch too. So, next time you see a beautiful Pothos or Monstera plant for sale while you’re grocery shopping, go ahead and pick up one or two and start purifying your home’s air in style. 

Cleaner Cleaning 

When it comes to what you clean your home with, you can make healthier choices than you may already be. Did you know you can use vinegar and baking soda for most cleaning projects? If you don’t have the time or the desire to DIY your cleaning arsenal, there are earth-friendly alternatives at virtually every store. Swapping out conventional dish soap for a healthier, eco-friendly dish soap is a great place to start. Plant-based cleaning products are easy to find; even multi-purpose cleaners contain probiotics. Do some searching for brands with a mission you align with and start supporting those businesses. 

Quality Over Quantity 

You may not realize it, but what you furnish your home with even impacts your health. By investing in higher quality mattresses, couches, and more, you are limiting the off-gassing that can occur with some of those products. Additionally, many of the textiles you use, like throw blankets and bed linens, may not be made of the most sustainable and healthy fabrics. Opting for pure linen, cotton, or even silk is the best. Especially if you deal with sensitive skin issues, these fabrics are the best for the environment and your body. 

Minimize Mold 

Mold is a fungus that could be growing right under your nose, and you don’t even realize it. Mold issues in houses can lead to many health issues like headaches, inflammation, fatigue, and more. If you suspect your home has mold issues, it’s worth it to have a specialist do a thorough inspection of your home. If mold issues are discovered, they can help you remediate them. While it is generally pretty costly to alleviate mold issues in your home, it’s an investment you have to make to keep you and your home in tip-top shape. 

Open Your Windows 

Ventilation is a fantastic way to let the fresh air in and keep you feeling healthy. While air purifiers are expensive and not in everyone’s budget – fresh air is free! When the weather permits, you should always open your windows and let the air circulate through your home. This also cuts down on any dampness in the house that could lead to future mold issues, as mentioned above. When someone in the home is sick, even if it’s cold outside, it’s always a good idea to crack the window, even just an inch in their sickroom. 

Take Your Shoes Off 

You’ve likely been to someone’s house where they requested that guests take off their shoes when entering the home. There’s an excellent reason for this – shoes are an easy way to track germs and other pollutants. If you don’t feel comfortable asking guests to remove their shoes, at least utilize doormats and have everyone thoroughly wipe their feet before entering. 

With the above-outlined tips, your house and you are well on your way to being the healthiest possible versions. Make sure you ease in if you’re feeling overwhelmed about living more sustainably or are constricted by budget. Small steps over time add up to profound benefits.