$12Million Binance Investment, HUH Token $4million Worth Burn And Ethereum Set To Skyrocket

The crypto sphere is growing and with it, the cryptocurrencies have managed to lodge themselves into the lives of many, many people.

Though it appears that cryptocurrency has even long arms and a greater reach than anyone first thought and because of that the likes of Binance are able to invest $12M, HUH Token is able to burn $4M worth of their tokens to increase value and Ethereum skyrockets once again… all thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency thanks to these three major players in the cryptocurrency market.

So, why exactly are people investing in cryptocurrencies these days, and is it something you should be doing as well? … Let’s take a look.

Who Are Binance Investing In?

Woo Network offers active liquidity for an impressive number of institutions, amongst them, crypto and technology.

Binance invested a whopping $12M into Woo Network, this is because WooFI runs on the Binance Smart Chain and so it seems only smart and natural that Binance would like to fund such an enterprise.

In fact, BSC is one of the most used chains in the world, not only supporting the Woo Network but countless other enterprises along the way… like HUH Token for instance that uses BSC in the hopes of creating a safer environment from the volatile cryptocurrency market.

It seems that Binance team members and users are delighted by Binance’s step into investing in Woo Network. In fact, the investment director – Peter Huo – had this to say on the matter: “WOO Network adds significant value to the crypto ecosystem by providing deep liquidity and zero-fee trading both on- and off-chain. We are excited to expand our long-lasting relationship and explore further collaborations, especially on BSC.

It seems like it could be an exciting time to be involved with Binance and by extension HUH Token as well.

Though let’s see what HUH Token has to offer you in this crypto season.

Burn, Baby, Burn

It’s no secret that HUH Token burned a whopping $4M just ahead of the Christmas period and with it, skyrocketed the cryptocurrency into outer space and with it, HUH Token holders.

Not only this, but it appears HUH Token are vastly becoming one of the most popular altcoins on the market and with it, increasing the value of the currency for the holders.

HUH Token has large aspirations of creating their own MetHUH, where holders have even greater control over their cryptocurrencies and therefore the worth of the cryptocurrency as well, removing… or at least, diminishing the power and sway of whale investments.

Could HUH Token be the one for you? The cryptocurrency multichain, that sits across Ethereum and Binance, has revolutionised the crypto world. Could HUH be for you and the future of the growing cryptocurrency market?

It just might be.

 Ethereum To The Moon

Ethereum, according to experts, could be set to see a spike of 50% and continue to skyrocket well into late 2022.

It seems that the ever-popular Ethereum managed to amass even more holders and fans at the beginning of its Arrow Glacier period and because of this has continued to grow in popularity further.

The move over to proof-of-stake has set wheels in motion for ETH and its holders and it appears that other cryptocurrencies on its blockchain, like HUH Token, are also benefiting greatly.

If you’d like to check out Ethereum and Binance you can do so on their websites, or, for HUH Token you can check out the links below!


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