Norlander Helen interviewed about play routines for babies (The Ultimate Baby Book)

Fully-qualified Norlander Helen (Set 40) shares her advice in The Ultimate Baby Book.

Helen was asked for her views on what play can be introduced to a six-month-old baby’s daily routine and what classes or groups will help to support their development.

Some of her advice included: “Classes such as Baby Sign (Makaton or SSE) are fantastic for music, signing and visual stimuli to enhance their communication and language development. Being signed to from an early age alongside speaking can help caregivers meet their baby’s needs well before verbal communication is established, and reduce stress for both parties.”

“Most importantly, talk to your baby! Narrate your day, name objects and sing songs at key points of the day, using a varying tones of voice and facial expressions. The smiles and giggles will be worth it!”

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