Smarttech247 Launches Threathub Product To Help Organisations Solve Vulnerability Management Challenges

A leading cybersecurity company headquartered in Cork, Ireland today launched a next-generation threat modelling and analytics solution that helps organisations discover exposures and vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious attackers.

Threathub brings together a data set of vulnerability research, offensive security expertise, exploitation data, global attacker behaviours, OSINT techniques, exposure analytics, and real-time reporting to provide a fully efficient and scalable way to manage an organisation’s exposure and shift into next-generation threat intelligence.

Threathub is the first cloud-based solution to combine vulnerability management, user data set, real-time asset-based analytics and application security data. The evolved solution centralises operational and security data from the network, endpoints, web applications and the cloud to unify data, accelerate analysis, and reduce the cost of ownership.

Raluca Saceanu, CEO of Smarttech247 “Organisations face numerous complexities when it comes to their threat and vulnerability management programs. We are delighted to launch Threathub, a product that focuses on simplifying those complexities by providing companies with more visibility over their entire attack surface and enabling them to focus on the vulnerabilities that present the highest risks to their environment.”

By employing event-based threat modelling, Threathub allows responding to risk changes on time. Whenever there is an Exploit PoC published or traces of exploitation in the wild, the risk relates to non-remediated vulnerabilities. This allows for better prioritisation of the remediation actions.

Christopher Galicki, Director of Offensive Security & Threathub at Smarttech247 “Threat intelligence has become critical for organisations of all sizes, as security teams are tasked with providing visibility and intelligence into what is happening in their environments at all times. Threathub enables unique threat modelling and detection strategy based on the individual aspects of your organisation and implements an ecosystem to detect and mitigate threats before impact”

More information on the Threathub solution can be found here. 

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