New Less-Lethal Weapons – A Better Solution Under Live Fire Situations

While standard firearms maintain an essential place in dire law enforcement scenarios, less-lethal weapons offer a critical option for exerting force while also reducing fatalities.
{ MIAMI, Florida, Sep 09, 2022 } Nx Defence Dynamics develops and manufactures state-of-the-art less-lethal weapons for military, civilian, and law-enforcement personnel committed to maximising the lives they save—a welcome alternative in the United States, where police kill more than a thousand civilians every year.

Saif Diwan, Founder and CEO of Nx Defence Dynamics, has made life-sparing weapons his passion, putting out a straightforward call: don’t shoot to kill! “There are so many police-civilian escalations where people are shot dead on mere suspicion. It’s absolutely a wrong practice for an officer to draw a lethal firearm on the basis of an argument. These issues are continually litigated in the courts, and it’s a serious concern right now.”

In a time when officer-civilian interactions face unprecedented scrutiny, industry experts contend that less-lethal weapons, combined with the right training programs, serve as an optimal solution for de-escalating most confrontations. Weapons from Nx Defence Dynamics:

– reduce civilian fatalities
– reduce injuries to police officers
– aid government agencies
– equip civilians for home defence   
– create safe police and military training simulations

Designed to load and fire multiple cartridges, the guns from Nx Defence Dynamic look and feel real. The weapons swiftly incapacitate a human suspect or attacker and mitigate the threat they pose without ending the individual’s life. The products demonstrate a significant improvement over similar models from other manufacturers that have never been honed to the same level of effectiveness.

The National Institute of Justice Journal shows that police departments adopting a form of less-lethal weapons have lowered suspect injuries by 30 to 50 percent and officer injuries by as much as 60 percent. In July of 2022, the police department in Lawrence, Kansas, began replacing shotguns with less-lethal guns. Police Chief Rick Lockhart commented, “Having more tools to confine, deescalate, and conclude a dangerous situation while reducing the risk of fatality, will always be our goal.”       

“We are solving the problem of gun violence because every life matters.” Diwan emphasises, “Less-lethal weapons give police officers the ability to control most situations. They don’t have to use lethal weapons against any civilian except in the most serious escalations. You can’t just shoot at anyone based on mere suspicion. You can punish them, you can put them in jail—but nobody has a right to kill them.”

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Nx Defence Dynamics is committed to servicing the growing defence and law enforcement community by setting new standards in performance, manufacturing excellence, innovation and value. The company has developed a wide range of products—from creative twists on classic training weapons to the most pioneering and complex less-lethal systems. For more information on Nx Defence Dynamics, please visit
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