The DiverseCity App Expands C-Suite with Mary Johnson as its new CIO

Press Release: September 15, 2022

The DiverseCity App Expands C-Suite with Mary Johnson as its new CIO

(Tacoma, Washington) The DiverseCityApp, a mobile application dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) engagement and sustainability, announces Mary Johnson as its new Chief Information Officer (CIO). Mary has over 18 years of experience in multiple Technology and IT-related roles ensuring that technological functionality supports the organizational mission and vision. She has excelled at managing the complexities of client implementation, IT teams, and deploying new systems.

COO Sandy Sarge shared, “Mary is the perfect fit for DiverseCity. While it was clear from her experience that she will be essential to our future growth as a market leader, it is her dedication to our mission and values that set her apart from all others. The fact that Mary traveled the world and has partnered with underserved communities to expand their self-reliance and improve future opportunities says it all. Mary’s heart for change is so big that she readily gives sweat equity with no expectation from others.  We look forward to Mary coming on board and helping us to become a market leader!”

Newly installed CIO Mary Johnson says, “The most successful companies have the most outrageous missions, and ours is to end global racism and other system oppressions. It is an honor to be part of this brilliant and diverse team of innovators that are focused on changing the world. It is the most important work I will ever do.”

The DiverseCityApp is a gamified mobile app that eliminates the barriers to effective DEI education and engagement. The app is designed for organizations of all sizes, and users study topics in a group setting using elements of social media to like, comment, share and engage in other support activities. Features like automation, engagement analytics, and the ability to customize the user experience make The DiverseCity App  a unique resource and engagement tool.

The DiverseCity App is currently available at The Apple Store and Google Play.

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