Spotler Group becomes the largest Email Services Provider in the Netherlands

The Spotler Group, a marketing software provider, has acquired two new SaaS companies, Measuremail and Tripolis. With these two Dutch Email Services Providers (ESP), the Spotler Group will become the largest ESP in the Netherlands. The product range is further expanded with the acquisition providing the additional options of advanced and tailormade solutions. The company thus strengthens its position in a consolidating market.

Measuremail and Tripolis continue together as Tripolis
The first step to achieve this is to merge Measuremail and Tripolis into one company – Tripolis. The merger will give the new Tripolis more power to grow its own email marketing automation platforms faster and to further improve the quality of the platform and services. The merger was completed at the end of May and the day-to-day management of the combination is in the hands of Bram Smits (former CEO of Tripolis Solutions) and Bart Vossen (formerly Managing Director of Measuremail).

Faster innovation in a consolidating market
The acquisition of Measuremail and Tripolis Solutions is an important step in the Spotler Group’s growth strategy. Together with the companies that are already part of Spotler Group (Spotler Netherlands , Spotler UK and Flowmailer), Tripolis will work on innovative solutions in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), data management, automation and transactional email mail communication.

Lee Chadwick, Spotler Group board member said, “We are incredibly happy to add the new Tripolis to the Spotler Group. We see that the market is consolidating and competition from international players is increasing. Through the Spotler Group we can offer a combination of high quality and innovative solutions, and the new addition gives us the opportunity to respond even better to market demands, to innovate faster and to achieve further growth.”

About Spotler Group
Spotler Group has over 50 years of combined experience in marketing technologies , helping marketers across Europe successfully and result-driven campaigns based on valuable insights. With more than 2,500 customers in 8 European countries sending more than 4 billion messages annually, Spotler Group is a European power house in email marketing and marketing automation.
Each company within the Spotler Group has developed its own technology over time, the value of which is reflected in the joint exchange, development and integration of technologies within the group. This offers customers and partners of the Spotler Group great advantages in terms of costs, innovative and future- proof software.

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CommuniGator becomes Spotler – PR Fire

CommuniGator, the UK’s leading provider of B2B, AI Powered Marketing Automation software, announced today the launch of its new corporate rebrand to Spotler. Nearly two years after the original acquisition CommuniGator is now firmly integrated to the Spotler European operation. The next step of the integration plan is the name and brand change.

The name change will officially take place on the 25th March 2020 and this includes a redesigned logo and website. The rebrand is at the company level only, the years of brand recognition will be retained at a product suite level where GatorMail and GatorLeads remain the most prevalent.

Marketers and Sales professionals alike, are demanding more seamless automation, reporting metrics and simplicity of use from software systems to help them generate more revenue opportunities. As a result, ‘marketing automation’ has moved to the forefront of marketing technology where it must scale globally to support activities across different markets and countries. Add to this the significant benefits Artificial Intelligence offers for enhancing campaign output and Spotler is uniquely positioned to offer European wide solutions.

‘Over the last few years the Gator Suite of products has successfully diversified (GatorSocial, GatorPopUp, GatorAI) and scaled its service offerings in direct response to customer demands and we want to celebrate our 15 years since conception with the rebrand.’ said Lee Chadwick, CEO of CommuniGator. ‘Our new website and brand identity secure our position within the Spotler family and put down the perfect platform to bring the rest of the Groups product range to the UK market.

About Spotler (CommuniGator)

Founded in 2005 as CommuniGator, Spotler’s cloud-based platform empowers both marketing and sales professionals to generate more leads, extending the reach to which traditional sales functions cannot and uncovering the unknown, to build the sales funnel and help organisations grow their revenue.

A leading marketing automation company, Spotler enables companies to send targeted communications based on individuals’ behaviour across all of your digital channels from email, social and web-based form fills and popups which increases the output of lead generation. The Spotler Group of companies and management team brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge and skill set to boost the performance and growth of the UK arm of Spotler and we are excited with the opportunity this brings.

We want to celebrate the success over the last 15 years as CommuniGator and continue to work closely with our customers as has always been the case, under the new brand Spotler.

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Spotler Announces Strategic Acquisition of CommuniGator for $16.3 million

London, June 13th, 2018 — Spotler, a Dutch leader in e-mail marketing and marketing automation software, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire UK-based CommuniGator. The acquisition brings together the respective mid-market players from the UK and the Netherlands to create a European organisation, offering marketing and creative teams scalable, cloud-based solutions for managing and collaborating on their digital sales and marketing strategy.

Marketers today, together with sales professionals, demand more and more intelligent digital support from software systems. As a result, marketing automation has moved to the heart of marketing technology where it must scale to support activities across and beyond the enterprise.

The acquisition of CommuniGator highlights Spotler’s commitment to bring best-in-class e-mail marketing and marketing automation to sales driven mid-size businesses in Europe. Where Europe has created some challenges in the field of privacy and the GDPR it also creates opportunities for a strong European player. Blending industry knowledge, technological innovation and geographic strengths of the two companies -including heavy investments in artificial intelligence and integrations -will allow Spotler and CommuniGator to better address evolving customer needs.

“There is a clear synergy in the culture and product vision between Spotler and CommuniGator. That’s why we see this as a strategic move that will greatly benefit both our customers,” said Lee Chadwick, CEO of CommuniGator. “We have grown rapidly in the past four years as our customers depend on high quality digital experiences to communicate with their customers and prospects.”

Following closing of the acquisition, there will be no immediate impact for customers of either service, however users can expect to see an improved, combined offering.

This acquisition comes 1.5 years after Spotler was strengthened with Rotterdam-based private equity partner CNBB Venture Partners.

About Spotler

Spotler provides leading e-mail marketing automation software to more than 5.000 users in the Netherlands. Spotler helps marketeers and communication professionals to excel using e-mail marketing automation that is easy to use yet still extremely powerful and result driven.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Marc Schusler, Spotler is headquartered in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

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About CommuniGator

Founded in 2005, CommuniGator’s cloud-based platform empowers both marketing and sales professionals to convert prospects to customers.

A leading marketing automation company, CommuniGator is changing the way marketing and creative teams manage their campaigns, by enabling companies to send targeted email communications based on individuals’ behaviour across your digital channels; drastically increasing and improving your lead generation.

CommuniGator works with their customers to generate and deliver new business opportunities. CommuniGator’s all-in-one marketing automation platform allows mid-size companies to manage every step of their digital journey; from tracking leads to building complex campaigns. CommuniGator integrates with most CRM systems, allowing their customers to connect all their data points, enabling then to gain a single customer view.

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