How To Encourage Your Kids To Be More Active

Most parents will agree that their children get a very limited amount of exercise at school every week. Physical education sessions are usually only run for an hour per week, if the school even has a physical education class they attend. Despite the fact that Health classes teach children the important points about movement and nutrition, there is a lack of activity in our children today and for the most part, you can bet that it’s down to technology.

We are very fortunate to be living in an age where we can be online wherever we go, but sometimes, implementing physical activity for our children becomes difficult when they would rather be sitting and watching other people move on a screen instead of outside and doing it themselves. Along with our schools, it’s up to us – the parents – to make sure that our children get enough physical activity to keep them healthy and happy. Children need to burn off excess energy, and you can make sure that it happens with your children while allowing them to be in control of the physical activities in which they take part. So, with that in mind, we’ve got some ways you can encourage your kids to be more active day to day.

  1. It Can Be Free. No matter which activity you and your children choose to do, you don’t have to spend tons of money to be involved. Starting a team of friends heading to the park once or twice a week to indulge in a sport they all enjoy. Parents can get together to volunteer time, snacks and themselves as a referee. You don’t have to pay for expensive classes if you are on a budget, you can just make your own!
  2. Look For Local Hobbies. If you do have the cash to spend, think about enrolling your kid into hobby classes that run alongside school. You can still help with keeping the clubs running by donating money for Indoor Cricket Nets and spending your time cutting orange wedges. You could even help to carpool for kids who need to be ferried back and forth for their parents who can’t make it. Local hobbies support local teams, and you can be a part of something in your community this way.
  3. Find Something They Love. Children often love different sports. Some love gymnastics where others would prefer football. Ask your child what will interest them enough and let them have some choice and control over the sports that they do. The best way to ensure a child is active is to make sure that they enjoy the activity that they are involved with.
  4. Trade-Off Hobbies. Does your kid love Minecraft or Fortnite? Screen time is a big hit in almost every house, but you can trade-off activities with your children. For every hour of sports they complete, they could earn half an hour of their favorite video game. You’ll find your kids more receptive to the idea when they can get something else out of it!
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