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MAYOR of Liverpool Joanne Anderson is sending a message of unity to the people of Odesa in Ukraine, as it stands on the brink of being attacked by Russia.

Liverpool has had a close relationship with the Ukrainian city since 1957, instigated by MP and councillor Bessie Braddock as part of a policy of forging links with other cities in Eastern Europe following WW2.

Mayor Joanne said: “We have all been shocked and appalled by the scenes coming from Ukraine over the last three weeks.

“The devastation wreaked on town and cities across the country is heart breaking to watch, and we’re especially concerned about Odesa, which has been a friend of Liverpool since the 1950s.

“Odesa has many similarities with Liverpool, including as a sea port, a city with magnificent architecture and with a shared interest as members of the UNESCO Creative Cities network.

“Our friendship links were first formed as a way of developing trust during the Cold War, and it is so sad that all of the progress that has been made over the intervening years is now at risk.

“Our thoughts are with the citizens of Odesa, and the people of Ukraine, whose lives are being devastated.

“We stand ready to offer help and support when the Government has in place its refugee scheme.”

Lord Mayor, Cllr Mary Rasmussen recently wrote to the Mayor of Odesa to inform him that the Ukrainian national flag was flying from St George’s Hall, in solidarity with its people.


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