PortraitFlip: A Blessing in Disguise for Artists

Paintings, unlike real estate, are extremely difficult to appraise. Predicting the value of an artwork is as risky as it gets. People often underpay artists because they don’t realize how much time and effort they put into their work.

Anyone who works in the arts is passionate about it; if they aren’t, they are in the wrong sector. Any artist who creates an original work of art does it with zeal. Because art is all about passion and feeding an artist’s inner ego, it does not mean that artists must accept low remuneration.

Art is required in this life. We wouldn’t have novels, architecture, or art if people didn’t have a creative streak in their lives.

Yes, our culture requires art, but it does not make it a straightforward business – see the stereotype of the “starving artist.”

Today, artists and art makers all around the world struggle to make a living from their efforts. Despite the industry’s forbidding nature, it’s not difficult to turn $300, a concept, and compassion for the artist community into a multimillion-dollar business.

Ask PortraitFlip.

What Does PortraitFlip Do?

Consider this scenario: you want to offer your loved one a nice present. You want it to be unique and creative to demonstrate your efforts. That is where PortraitFlip enters the picture. It’s an e-commerce site that encourages artists to pursue their passions, making you the ideal present giver.

PortraitFlip transforms your images into works of art.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Giving and receiving a present should be an experience, according to one startup.

PortraitFlip is only the artist who creates the painting; while you are the sole curator. This company handles everything from beginning to end, while you sit back and take credit. (Hopefully, you can add to their 4.7-star Trustpilot rating)

How Was PortraitFlip Born?

This company was the fruition of an unmatched craving for a unique gift-giving idea. When its founder Sunny Choudhary was in his final year of engineering — he struck gold. One of his friends wanted to give a handmade painting to his significant other as a gift but couldn’t find a reliable service online. Sunny, being the hero analyst of the group searched high and low online for a similar service in India but was left disappointed. That is when he came up with the idea of starting a venture that would not only fill this gap but also help the artist community that was in dire need — still is. He initially launched an amateur website and learned the basics of digital marketing. Facebook was his best friend in the initial days as the word of mouth spread fast. Sunny Choudhary who expected a few orders from India only, was surprised to see the majority of the orders pouring in from the US. “Today I can proudly say that I employ more than 200 artists all around the world, and it is all thanks to all the aesthetes around the world”, says Sunny Choudhary. Yes, their market grew from only the USA to Australia, Great Britain to even the UAE. What do we love the most about PortraitFlip? Their artists create paintings from photos and deliver them to you in less than two weeks. Their “Compilation Portraits” service is what took our breath away — an utter favorite amongst all the other categories on their website.

How Does PortraitFlip Support Artists All Over The World?

Nobody does it better than the artists at PortraitFlip when it comes to delivering a unique and personalized gift. They offer their consumers a selection of painting mediums to pick from. This implies that artists of all mediums can express their passions and turn an empty canvas into a lovely handcrafted present.

Paintings are available in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. On their website, pencil drawings in charcoal, pencil, and color pencil are very popular. Every buyer can find a medium that suits them, and every artist can find a job there.

This organization’s goal is to provide better opportunities for artists while also providing an excellent gift-giving experience for their clients.

Click here to see how they convert a photo into a painting.

Why Do Artists Need Our Support?

Are you going to tell me that art isn’t in us because cavemen drew on cave walls 50,000 years ago? Even if you don’t want to outwardly identify as an artist, it doesn’t mean you don’t need artists in your life.

2020 was a difficult year for us all; economies collapsed, people died, yet art persevered and rose above it all. Regardless, all artists continued to create art.

To be fair, we don’t support the artists; rather, we believe that art is a wonderful equalizer in this tumultuous world. It will always be a powerful experience to support artists by purchasing their work.

To put it another way, we need art to satisfy our hearts, and only artists can do it.

How Can You Support The Artist Community By Helping PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip is a one-of-a-kind platform that has over 180 artists from all over the world. It not only allows artists to earn a living, but it also allows them to demonstrate their skills.

Until they heard about PortraitFlip, everyone had an empty wall or a hole in their heart that needed to be filled with something lovely. Empty walls were spruced up after PortraitFlip with gorgeous and traditional handmade paintings that, unlike framed images, would never fade. Empty hearts, on the other hand, were filled with merging photographs of people and their loved ones who were unable to be present on the most memorable day of their lives.

Who made it possible for all of this to happen? PortraitFlip and its artists are skilled at interpreting the emotions behind the paintings and bringing the customer’s vision to life on canvas.


The goal of this piece was to encourage people to support artists by using websites like PortraitFlip. It was to inspire you to give meaningful presents that will not only motivate you to put up a small amount of effort but will also assist artists to continue to provide so much value to our society.

It’s time to bring art into your life, and there is no better way than with PortraitFlip.