Six months on, Beat the Street Barnsley continues to help local residents to stay active

“We go out for a walk every day and we understand what it does for us. Also, we understand the benefits of exercising.” – Girl, aged 12-18

The Beat the Street Barnsley 2021 game that took place last year continues to help local residents stay active, according to a new report.

Barnsley enjoyed a second Beat the Street game between June and July last year with the aim of increasing physical activity levels across the population.

The six-week game also intended to promote active travel and improve mental wellbeing amongst participants. A total of 22,661 people (9.5% of the population) took part in Beat the Street Barnsley, travelling a distance of 161,044 miles.

Six months after the game, 257 participants responded to a follow-up survey to measure the continued impact of the initiative. Levels of inactivity in adults and children decreased six months after the game phase, and although a lot of adults are still working from home, 52% felt they had continued to travel actively.

Findings include:

  • Six months following Beat the Street, 50% of adults and 60% of children who responded to a 6-month follow-up survey after the Beat the Street Barnsley game were lifted out of inactivity.
  • 85% of players felt they had continued to be active following Beat the Street.
  • 59% of players felt they had continued to walk, cycle or wheel for travel since Beat the Street.

Since the game ended, local partners have been continuing to work with the schools and the groups involved in the game to ensure those people remain active.

Relationships built up with schools during the programme have helped enable the promotion of other initiatives such as ‘Hit the Ground Running’. A monthly newsletter and regular social media posts have also been going out to participants giving them information on opportunities and ways to continue to be active and look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Julia Burrows, Director of Public Health, said: “We are very proud to have delivered two successful Beat the Street games in Barnsley, and on both occasions, the competition really has been the talk of the town.

“The game aims to encourage embedding physical activity into people’s lives and post-game, we are working closely with local partners and stakeholders to ensure that everyone locally has the chance to take part in sport and activity and to increase opportunities for participation for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.”

Beat the Street was funded by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Sport England and the National Lottery, and has been delivered by Intelligent Health.

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