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Patients who require intensive support can expect an even better level of care thanks to the creation of a new activity room at a local hospital.

The University Hospital of North Tees’ new Bluebell Suite provides patients requiring enhanced care support with a safe place to take part in supervised therapeutic activities.

Enhanced care patients can include those with dementia, suffering from confusion or alcohol withdrawal among many other conditions.

The calming environment of the suite features books, board games, a TV, music and even a ‘magic light table’ which projects various images and games which can be interacted with, such as a football game. The suite also provides a welcoming space away from the ward for chat and relaxation and can be booked for individual patients who require one-to-one support as well as larger group activities.

Occupational therapist Nicola Murphy is the Trust’s enhanced care and activity room coordinator. She said: “Each patient will be assessed to make sure we set them the right activity to improve their physical and mental health.

“The activities will be a challenge, offering mental as well as physical stimulation, helping to reduce isolation and boredom, but they’ll also be fun.

“Patients will be able to spend time in the activity room, socialise and have a bit of fun and make being in hospital more pleasant. The suite room will play a vital part in their ongoing care while in hospital.”

The suite is up and running now, helping patients with their recovery while in hospital.

Nicola Murphy, enhanced care and activity room coordinator


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