‘Mini-Holland’ scheme could come to Hull

Hull is one of 19 places that has been awarded funding from central government to pilot a Mini-Holland scheme in the city.

Local company Local Transport Projects Ltd will be carrying out a study into how the scheme could work in Hull.

The study will begin this month and cover the areas of Kingswood and Bransholme.

The two areas were identified as ideal locations for the project as there is the space to enhance the road network, offering the opportunity to encourage more people to use sustainable transport.

The two areas also include existing transport links around the city which can be enhanced by the mini-Holland project, delivering a joined-up scheme to improve the pedestrian and cyclist experience.

If the plans go ahead, Hollwell Road in Bransholme could see an off-road segregated pedestrian and cycle facility linking directly to the Stoneferry corridor.

Bransholme centre and Kingswood Retail Park are also major bus interchanges which accommodate a number of frequent services. The scheme would look at delivering improvements to the pedestrian network in order to make it easier to access these services, offering multi-modal travel for local residents.

It would also improve links to large employment hubs such as the Sutton Fields industrial estate, in which over 1,500 people from the nearby residential areas work.

Councillor Mark Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads, Highways, said: “The feasibility study for the mini-Holland scheme will give us the opportunity to find out how we can improve transport facilities for people living in Kingswood and Bransholme.

“Both areas include large residential populations. By understanding how they travel, it will help us to deliver a more modern transport network that works for them.”

The funding has been awarded following the submission of a final Expression of Interest in August 2021. Hull is one of nineteen local authorities successful in securing the feasibility funding.

The results will then be considered and assessed by the Department for Transport who will identify a limited number proposals to be taken forward for funding and delivery.

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