Swansway Motor Group Launches Quick and Easy Car Buying Service

Customers of Swansway Motor Group in the North West can now buy cars entirely online. Their new online service allows them to select and pay for a car in full or apply for a finance arrangement, allowing for simply Click’n’Collect purchases. 

Swansway Motor Group, a car dealership franchise based across the North West, has launched an online service that allows customers to purchase from the comfort of their own home. Customers can now buy vehicles online, either by paying for it in full on the website or by applying for and receiving finance deals without having to need to visit any physical dealership.

The ability to purchase a car online is a new evolution for Swansway Motor Group, which has allowed customers to browse their stock and reserve the car that they want by paying a £99 deposit for many years. The £99 deposit can be paid by credit or debit card and the Group has expanded the options to allow for payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay to make it as easy as possible. And now those customers can proceed to the next step and start the process of purchasing the car outright without having to follow up without a physical visit.

Vehicle finance has been fully integrated into the website in order to make it easier for customers to find the right finance type for them. Customers can also change their deposit and finance term to suit their individual requirements. Customers can start by browsing the available stock, can get a part-exchange valuation if they want, then apply for finance online or pay in full. Once the purchase is complete, the vehicle will be waiting for them at the dealership so they can make any final inspections before driving off with the car of their choice.

The website makes it easy for customers to customise and track their purchases. Each visitor can make their own account which tracks ongoing deals, as well as allowing them to save their favourite vehicles, quotes, and any finance applications they have completed or started on. There’s no rush to complete an application in one sitting, as they can save their progress and complete it next time when they have the information they need.

Despite offering complete online car sales, Swansway Motor Group is still there to help ensure the best possible car purchase experience. They offer virtual appointments that can take place on any phone, tablet, or computer, so customers can speak to their team and watch live videos of the vehicles that they’re interested in. Once the full payment of a vehicle is confirmed, the Group will arrange a collection appointment on a date and time to suit the customer. This collection will be contact-free and take place in a dedicated handover area.

To learn more about Swansway Motor Group, their new buy online services, and the stock available, visit their website at

Revealed: The best cars for new drivers

The team at Dayinsure combined multiple data sets including a vehicle’s cost, economy, NCAP safety rating, warranty length, and multiple review scores to determine the best car for new drivers from the bestselling vehicles in the UK.

The Renault Clio has ranked as the best car for new drivers, due to its attractive price, excellent safety rating, top reviews, and also having the longest warranty of the cars that were looked at.

The Volkswagen Polo finished in second place, impressing with its near-perfect review scores, sublime safety rating, and affordable price, proving that it too is an excellent option for new drivers.

The Fiat 500 was named as the worst car for new drivers. This was mainly due to disappointing reviews and mediocre to poor safety ratings. It is, however, the cheapest of the best-selling cars.

Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “Buying their first car is an exciting time for every new driver, and something no one ever forgets. Although what every driver looks for in a car is unique, we wanted to discover which of the 20 most popular car models in the UK would, on paper, make the best option for a new driver.

“The Renault Clio’s stellar rankings across the board make it a worthy winner, and certainly the model we think all new drivers should consider when making a purchase. And, despite the rankings, we are sure any of these 20 vehicles would make a wonderful investment for a new driver, after all, there is a reason they are the most popular cars in the nation!”

View the analysis and rankings in full here:

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Avoid Falling Victim to Fraud When Buying a Car

When purchasing a car, and especially a used car, it’s important to be aware of any scams and fraud that can occur. These are easier to avoid when buying through a dealership, but can be more difficult to navigate if you’re planning to buy from a private seller. Of course, you can also save a lot of money with a private purchase, which makes it an attractive way to buy a car. If you’re looking for your next car, being aware of some of the common scams and how to avoid fraud will help you to protect your money and ensure you get a car that works for your needs.

Don’t Send Any Money in Advance

Many vehicle sales these days take place partly online. At the very least, you will often look at advertised cars online, view photos of them and read some details of individual cars. However, this can sometimes mean that people will expect you to send them money in advance, perhaps before you have even seen the car. They might ask for a deposit or full payment, expecting you to send the money through one of several transfer methods. It’s always best to avoid doing this, as it could be a ploy to take your money and run.

Check the Odometer Reading

One of the common ways to scam someone when selling a car is to roll back the odometer to reduce the mileage on display. This can make it appear as if the car has had much less wear and tear than it really has. If you visit, you can see an example of how this problem is being tackled with quick checks online. By checking the history of a car, you can see whether the odometer reading that you’re given matches the official reading that’s on record.

Be Wary of Stolen Cars

Another risk when buying a car could be that you end up buying a stolen car. Even if you do this unknowingly, it could still mean that you end up wasting a lot of time and money, and you may have to deal with the police too. There are various checks that you can carry out to make sure a car hasn’t been stolen. You can look up the car’s information online using the licence plate and check that it hasn’t been reported as stolen. You can also look over the car to see if there are any signs of break-in, such as replaced locks.

Choose a Legitimate Dealership

If you want to avoid any scams when buying a car, choosing a dealership instead of buying privately is often the best thing to do. Even if you want to buy a used car, you can find a used car dealership, and many are also approved by particular car manufacturers to sell their cars officially. Choosing a dealership will help you to make sure everything is carried out legally and legitimately, and that you have more protection when buying.

When you’re buying a car, make sure you keep your wits about you. You need to be wary of anyone who could be trying to take advantage if you want to buy a reliable car.

The Ultimate Guide To Securing The Best Big Ticket Item Deals

We all like to think we have enough in our savings pot should the worst occur. If your car breaks down, you need to know that you have enough in the coffers to replace the head gasket. If your roof begins to leak, you need to be sure that you have enough to be able to replace the loose and cracked tiles. However, sometimes life gets in the way and through no fault of our own, spending seems to get out of our control. There are still ways you can ensure that those big ticket items that you inevitably need to purchase at some point in your life can be bought sensibly without plunging you into unmanageable levels of debt. Read on to find out how you can achieve this.


Nearly everyone needs a car to get themselves from A to B. This is even more important when you have a young brood in tow. You want to make sure you buy the car with the decent safety record, that has a sound fuel economy, and that doesn’t cost the Earth to insure. While you might not want a garish hue for the chassis of your car, this should be the least of your worries. To ensure that you can afford the car that your family deserves, make sure you investigate low interest car finance. This allows you to purchase a car fit for purpose, especially if you don’t have the readies to pay for a vehicle outright. Never go brand new as the car you buy will depreciate in value the moment you drive it away from the forecourt. Go for a solidly built hatchback with great reliability.


They say that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If your cupboards are missing a few doors, the handles are a little loose and the worktop has a few too many dinks in it, it might be time for an upgrade. Kitchens are expensive; however, there are ways to find some fantastic deals. Consider the style of kitchen you want from the high gloss look to the more traditional shaker style and visit some showrooms. With any luck, you will see a few ex-display kitchens on offer. These can be up to half price of the original retail cost. Yes, they may have had their drawers opened a few hundred times, but they will be in excellent condition. You may even get a few integrated appliances or fitting thrown in for free.


It’s vital that we make time for an annual vacation. While it is seen as a luxury, it is a great way to spend quality time together as a family and to relax. Work can be stressful and you need to chill out for two weeks every year. When booking your vacation, try to get the early bird deals by booking in advance. Check out the flight times, and opt for an early morning or late night flight to save you some much needed cash. You might even be able to pay in instalments, enabling you to budget your holiday money more effectively.

Buying big ticket items can be daunting, but follow this guide and you can find yourself with some incredible deals.

Book launched to help racing stars realise their dreams

Motorsport consultant, journalist and founder of Racing Mentor Jess Shanahan has launched a new book on sponsorship that will help drivers and riders to climb through the ranks.

The book, entitled Get Paid to Race, is the ultimate guide to modern-day sponsorship and touches on everything from building a brand through to landing the biggest sponsor of a racer’s career.

Get Paid to Race takes Jess’s experience running a race team and coaching drivers, as well as her background in marketing, PR and journalism, and presents it in an easily digestible format.

Those that buy the book will also gain access to exclusive digital content such as templates, guides and videos.

Shanahan says: “Motorsport sponsorship has changed and far too many drivers are going in with the wrong approach. I set up Racing Mentor to help people find success with sponsorship and Get Paid to Race is the next logical step in that journey.”

The book has already had plenty of support from the motorsport community with drivers already finding success on social media, in the press and with new sponsors.

Shanahan also picked up three important sponsors for the book; Marc Brunel Recruitment, Trade Price Cars and SupaPass. She says: “Proof of concept was important for this book so I used everything I knew to bring sponsors on board. They’ve helped to promote what I’m doing, invested to help get the book ready for launch and we’ve got more activities planned after the event too.”

The book is now on sale for £15.97 on the Racing Mentor website  and Amazon.