Innovative Ecommerce Page Monitoring Platform, Hexowatch gives Ecommerce Businesses the Upper Hand

Hexact inc. known for its popular website health and performance monitoring platform, Hexometer launches Hexowatch – your AI sidekick to monitor website changes

WILMINGTON, DE, USA; 4 September, 2020 – Competitor and supplier monitoring is a time-consuming and costly exercise for many businesses, but a newly released platform called Hexowatch could help businesses save over 32 hours a month in manual monitoring and ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition at every turn.

Developed by Hexact Inc. the company known for its popular website health and performance monitoring platform, Hexometer, Hexowatch has been created specifically for the ecommerce and agency market, enabling businesses to automate monitoring of any website for visual, content, keyword, source code, technology, availability or price changes.

“Since launching, we have helped businesses save over 32 hours a month on average by automating time-consuming and repetitive, yet necessary tasks that weigh on businesses, to ensure they stay on top of their market and competitors,” explained Stepan Aslanyan, CEO of Hexact, Inc.

Hexowatch is a cloud-based platform that functions 24/7, using AI technology, and requires no programming skills or software to install.

Hexowatch helps eCommerce businesses stay ahead of the competition by monitoring their competitors for new product launches, tracking competing product prices, keeping an eye on suppliers or distributors for product availability as well as receiving alerts when logistics partners issue disruption warnings.

When a change is detected, a snapshot is recorded and a notification can be sent via email, Telegram, Slack, webhook,  Zapier or Pabbly connect. This enables Hexowatch alerts to connect with over 2000 different apps and services.

Hexowatch opens up opportunities for agencies to offer additional high-value services to their clients by using the platform to monitor various industry-related areas. Agencies can also benefit from Hexowatch by monitoring client pages for visual issues after deploying development updates, being notified when landing pages are updated, getting a heads up when a tracking code goes missing or monitor product pages for price or availability changes.

Hexowatch can even help freelancers or people looking for work by monitoring third-party recruitment or freelancing websites or HR departments for new vacancies.

“Ultimately, Hexowatch allows you to turn any website into your own private data-source, which means the possibilities are endless. Hexowatch is ideal for any situation where being first and having all the information can get you one step ahead of the competition. And this is just the beginning. We have a vision that far exceeds the current capabilities of this exciting platform,” says Aslanyan.

For further information of PR enquiries, please contact: Hexact, Inc.

Chris Closset – CMO & Co-founder
Email: press@hexowatch.com
Address: 24A Trolley Square PMB 2111
City: Wilmington
State: DE 19806
Country: United States
Website: https://hexowatch.com/
Media kit: https://hexowatch.com/media-kit
Company profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/hexact

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One Digital Signage taking the fight to COVID-19 with cutting-edge LCD hand sanitiser solutions

The West Midlands-based digital signage specialists announce new distribution agreement with Northamber PLC following program of investment in sanitiser technologies essential to the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

27th May 2020, Birmingham, UK – One Digital Signage are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Northamber PLC that will see the industry-leading AV & IT distributor promote and distribute One’s innovative range of hand sanitiser units.

One Digital Signage has understandably experienced huge interest in their sanitiser & thermometer-integrated products during recent months and this exclusive partnership is the latest step in the growth of this business area.

There is now a critical need for sanitiser solutions amongst organisations and venues exploring safe ways to open for business as their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis begins. One Digital Signage have already invested more than a hundred thousand pounds in the development of a unique range of units designed to meet this need.

“We found organisations can often feel forced towards purchasing Chinese manufactured units directly, with no UK warranty or in-country support” explains Richard Westhead, Managing Director at One Digital Signage.

“Put quite simply, it makes no sense to have such low resilience in an area that will become increasingly crucial to business continuity. That’s why all our units offer a full 3-year UK warranty, aftersales support and are CE, RoHS and RED approved.”

The sanitiser units boast lightweight design and a simple setup process, making self-installation possible for most businesses. Combined with a low maintenance construction utilising moulded plastics, which won’t corrode due to contact with sanitiser liquids, it means the units offer market-leading total cost of ownership.

By integrating their high-quality screen hardware into the range of wall-mounted or freestanding automatic hand sanitiser stations and kiosks, One Digital Signage has designed the products to allow organisations to comply with NHS guidance on infection control and most importantly protect their staff, customers and visitors.

The digital displays can be managed individually or as a network in order to deliver consistent and up to date information. Built-in 3G, WIFI and ethernet functionality allows the units to deliver connectivity options suitable for any location or business.

The units also include a nozzle management chip to provide reporting on sanitiser usage and reordering requirements. This ensures organisations know exactly how the devices are being used and can avoid business disruption from shortages or maintenance issues.

The larger units in the range, such as the 22” touchscreen curved kiosk, can be upgraded with hardware such as integrated thermal printers and infrared thermometers. These technologies provide a comprehensive and powerful infection-control solution for any site where admission, capacity and queues will require careful management in the future.

On the new distribution agreement Westhead comments: “The process of reopening for business is still surrounded by uncertainty. However, one thing that is guaranteed is the role digital signage has to play in keeping the population mindful and informed as the return to public spaces happens.

“We are looking forward to working exclusively with Northamber Group to bring our unique range of products to the market and play our part in the UK’s economic recovery at this unprecedented time.

“Having carried out their usual stringent due diligence process, the new partnership demonstrates Northamber’s confidence in ourselves and our sanitiser product range. It will now enable both our resellers and clients to benefit from Northamber’s incredible 40 years’ experience; as well as having access to their industry-leading logistics and distribution infrastructure.”


One Digital Signage are the UK’s leading LED & LCD Digital Signage Specialists. They have been Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) behind many well-known digital signage brands for over 20 Years.

Based in the Black Country, at the heart of the West Midlands, they manufacture a large range of LCD and LED, including: Digital Signage Kiosks, Indoor and Outdoor Totems & Displays and Screen Enclosures & Touch Screen solutions.

One Digital pride themselves on the quality of products and service offered and are one of very few manufacturers to offer a 3-year warranty alongside access to a dedicated technical support team.

The full range can be found on their website – www.onedigitalsignage.com



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COVID-19: The Health Risks of Making Your Own Hand Sanitiser

Hand hygiene is an important part of the fight against COVID-19, but homebrew hand sanitisers can do more harm than good.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more people are buying hand sanitisers than ever before. As one of the most sought after panic buy products, most shops and pharmacies are selling out as soon as they get a chance to restock. The result of this, however, has been a trend of people making homemade hand sanitisers with limited knowledge of what works against the virus or how to produce safe hand hygiene products.

How do hand sanitisers vary?
Broadly, there are two types of sanitisers to be aware of: alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Industry-standard alcohol-free sanitisers contain substitute chemicals that are just as effective in eliminating all microbes, including Coronavirus. The effectiveness of hand sanitisers will, however, vary dependent on the ratio and strength of their chemicals so this should be considered when making a purchase.

Are all alcohol-based hand sanitisers the same?
Alcohol is present within hand sanitisers in two forms that should be looked out for: Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA) and Denatured Ethanol (DE). Both of these types of alcohol are able to protect against the virus. There will also usually be a percentage found on any hand sanitisers, however, that is important. This percentage tells you the volume of alcohol present within the hand sanitiser. According to the CDC’s Hand Hygiene Recommendations, sanitisers should have contain more than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol to protect effectively against the virus.

While it may feel intuitive to go for as high an alcohol volume as possible, those that are very high in alcohol content can actually be ineffective. This is because, the higher the alcohol content in sanitisers, the quicker they evaporate when applied to skin.

Why not make my own hand sanitiser?
While self-isolation can inspire people’s DIY spirit, it is important to remember that there is a reason why hand sanitiser companies exist in the first place. From damaging or cracking skin after use (making them more susceptible to infection), to cross-contamination, making your own can hand sanitiser can cause more problems than it solves. IPA and DE also present a significant safety risk when handled outside a controlled environment, being highly flammable substances.

There is also the risk that popular homemade sanitiser recipes are actually not going to protect against the virus. One such recipe, popularised here on the Verge, requires 91 percent rubbing alcohol and one part aloe vera gel. This recipe should produce something with theoretically 60.6% alcohol content. According to CDC guidelines, however, an IPA-based hand sanitiser should contain at least 70% to be effective against COVID-19.

Keeping hands sanitised
Local newsagents along with online cleaning product suppliers that are still stocking hand sanitisers, such as Cleanroom Supplies, can both be effective alternatives to making regular trips to the supermarket. While in the home, it is also important to remember that soap and warm water are effective for protecting against COVID-19, meaning that you can save your hand sanitiser for whenever you need to make a journey. As the CDC highlight in their hand sanitiser factsheet, however, you must make sure that your hands are clean and washed before using any hand sanitiser.

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Seriously ill fashion designer finds therapy through his hand painted designs

A critically ill organ transplant patient who has had an operation cancelled twice due to the coronovirus pandemic is healing himself though his hand painted leather jacket company.

Richard Gair, of Gogairy Hand Painted Leathers, has survived a pancreas and kidney transplant after suffering from diabetes since a teenager.

Now 47, he survives on a daily cocktail of pills and injections to keep him alive. Over the past 18 months he has developed a painful hernia the size of a football which has split open his abdomen and until the procedure he will need a number of Botox injections to relax the surrounding muscles. This will allow the operation to more straight forward and less stressful on his abdomen. The operation was due to take place in March but was pushed back to April and now has been moved again with no further date planned

Artist and fashion designer Richard is on daily opiate painkillers to numb the pain from all this and is disappointed that his operation was cancelled, saying, “It’s a lot of mental preparation for an operation of this kind especially with an 80% survival rate. I have been fully prepped and prepared myself for it for several months. Now it’s been cancelled and of course I understand why. So I shall just carry on painting and selling my jackets.

GoGairy creates unique hand painted leather and vegan friendly faux leather jackets. Customers can create their own design which he then paints onto a jacket, making a bespoke timeless fashion piece for the wearer. Despite the pandemic the orders are flying in.

Richard said, “Everyone’s online and the traffic to my website and the GoGairy Facebook page is huge, it’s great! I have dropped by prices to reflect the current climate but life has to go on and I am very fortunate that my business is one working from home so I am unaffected by this.

I am in constant pain as a result of my health issues, and I do need to take a daily nap but I find painting really helps with the pain, it’s a really good distraction; a therapy and focusing on painting takes my mind off it. My operation was cancelled but in a way it’s blessing as I would have not been able to work for two to three months. And I can’t imagine not painting, I love it, I love creating a unique piece of art that people are proud to wear.”

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Schools are unprepared for Coronavirus shut-downs, but help is at hand

Schools in the UK may close for up to 2 months during the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s the experience from China, and it could come here as soon as next week. Teachers are largely unprepared for teaching their students remotely, and have no budget to buy-in online teaching tools. That is why the popular online assessment service Yacapaca has announced that it will drop all fees to Coronavirus-hit schools for the duration of the pandemic, however long it lasts.

**Teachers are unprepared**
Teachers from international schools in China are already having to teach remotely. Here’s one comment from a Facebook group* “My husband and I are in this position [of having their own children at home] and struggling. Trying to balance teaching and childcare in an apartment is impossible. We’re muddling through but I wish we had a counsellor on staff to check in on us!” Many journalists will find this familiar! Teachers understand face-to-face; online teaching and learning is completely unfamiliar to them.

**Parents are worried**
Very few schools have provided any information to parents about how they will ensure that their children will not fall behind in their studies. School leaders should say clearly that learning will continue, and show parents how it will be monitored and assessed.

**The solution**
Teachers must have access to tools that are designed for online education. One such tool, Yacapaca.com , has announced** that all fees will be dropped and unlimited access will be allowed for all schools forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic – wherever they are in the world.

Yacapaca.com is the leading formative assessment tool for secondary schools in the UK and British International Schools. It contains over 20,000 pre-written tests, all automatically marked and with instant feedback to the student. Teachers and students see the results as soon as the test is completed. It was designed to save teachers the chore of marking, and it works just as well from a distance of 1000 miles as it does face-to-face.

**Quote from Ian Grove-Stephensen, CEO of Yacapaca**
“Parents and teachers should embrace this as an opportunity for children to develop the habits of self-study. The tools are available for teachers to continue to monitor and motivate their students without needing to stand over them. I am proud that we have been able to make at least one essential tool free during the crisis, and I hope teachers will use it to the max.”

The idea of schools being closed for weeks seems scary but with free access to tools like yacapaca.com , teachers can turn a problem into an opportunity.

Contact details for Ian Grove-Stephensen
Skype ian_gs
P +44 20 7193 7138
3. ian@yacapaca.com

1. Yacapaca yacapaca.com
2. *Facebook group for teachers whose school has closed https://www.facebook.com/groups/Temporaryschoolclosuresupport/
3. **Announcement on Yacapaca blog https://blog.yacapaca.com/2020/03/02/yacapaca-free-coronavirus-pandemic-2/

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Pharmacists at medino have reported a sharp 1044% rise in the demand for hand sanitiser in the UK

The digital pharmacy, medino, has seen sales of hand sanitiser rise by 1044% in February when
compared to the preceding three month period of November to the end of January across the whole of
the UK.

Pharmacists at medino pharmacy have reported a sharp rise in the demand for hand sanitiser in the
UK. In particular, sales of brands such as Carex, Cuticura, Enliven and Numark have seen the most
notable rise since the beginning of February.

The digital pharmacy, medino, has seen sales of hand sanitiser rise by 1044% in February when
compared to the preceding three month period of November to the end of January.

The spike has been notable across the whole of the UK, with medino shipping nationwide from their
warehouse in London.

Top 5 Locations by hand sanitiser sales:

1. London
2. Brighton
3. Cambridge
4. Luton
5. Birmingham

The hotspots for hand sanitiser sales appear to be linked to where cases of the coronavirus have
been confirmed in the UK, with London and Brighton taking the two top spots.

The pharmacy has been keeping up with demand but suppliers are starting to struggle. It’s expected
that this is to continue whilst customers stockpile hand sanitiser supplies.

Superintendent Pharmacist Giulia Guerrini says “Some customers have told us they’ve ordered for
offices and workplaces and we’ve seen large quantities purchased by new customers who have
recently come across our site. We’ve done well to keep up with demand and we’ve managed to
source hand gel from a number of different suppliers here in the UK”.

The Superintendent Pharmacist and her team analysed the buying habits of thousands of medino
customers and found that the number of new customers buying hand sanitiser is increasing as
opposed to their current customers repurchasing.

“A number of these customers are not our regular buyers, rather we’re seeing new customers
purchasing large quantities of hand sanitiser suggesting people are stockpiling in response to recent
events,” said Ms Guerrini.

It’s recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible but when that’s
not possible, the best hand sanitiser to use is one with more than 60% alcohol content. Alcohol-based
hand sanitisers don’t kill all germs but they’re very effective at reducing microbes on your skin when
used in the correct way.

About medino

medino’s mission is to enable convenience as a core pharmacy shopping experience. With relentless
digital focus, the company was founded by Lars Elfversson, who founded European multimillion
technology company Netlight Consulting with 1400+ exceptional consultants over 6 countries,
Christian Jakobsson, digital sales and marketing leader who started and developed start-ups in Paris
and London, and Henrik Blomkvist, a technology leader heavily integrated in the start-up scene who
has developed technology services for global audiences.

They have grown medino to become a key player in the health and well-being industry within a year of
operating. They have scaled fast and will continue to do so with the new funding they’ve secured.

Their vision is to become the natural choice for all pharmacy shopping and target customers
transitioning from retail pharmacy shopping to online – to simply become “The pharmacy in your

Media Contact Details

Drew Stewart, medino

London, United Kingdom


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