Dark Sense, Scottish thriller feature film online and DVD release

New Edinburgh feature film DARK SENSE is released online on Amazon Prime and on DVD on the 13th of September 2019.

It’s not just the Avengers and the Fast and Furious that are making the most of Scotland’s fantastic scenery and stunning locations. New independent thriller DARK SENSE is the ambitious debut feature film of Scottish director Magnus Wake. Wake says, “We wanted to make a film set in Scotland that was about telling a great story, that would entertain. Scotland has a well-deserved reputation in creating films around social justice, but we also need to show we can punch above our weight in creating thrilling entertainment.”

Dark Sense was shot around Edinburgh in 2017 and features notable talent such as Shane O’Meara of Waterloo Road, Jim Sturgeon of Casualty, James Robinson the young Wallace from Braveheart, as well as guest stars Siobhan Redmond, Gordon Kennedy and Sanjeev Kohli.

The film has met with worldwide critical success winning awards in the US including Best International Film at the SENE film festival. It recently was selected by FRIGHTFEST, the UK’s largest genre BAFTA festival which described the film as, “A knockout, cleverly plotted, heart-pounding thriller.”

Based on Amazon bestseller First and Only by Peter Flannery, Dark Sense tells the story of Simon, a young man with unique abilities. He can see into the future and is connected to a serial killer who he knows he must stop, even if it means being his final victim.

Dark Sense is available from Amazon Prime

The DVD features a 33 minute behind the scenes ‘making of’ documentary that covers the crowdfunding, development and shooting of the film. The DVD also features the directors and authors commentary.

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‘Multiverse’ thriller foretells Professor Stephen Hawking’s final paper

– relationships, co-existence and introspection underlie Vitaliev’s latest book –

Out of the Blu by acclaimed author Vitali Vitaliev is out now.

The science-fiction comedy thriller examines the idea of the multiverse via three almost identical couples. Two of the couples have slipped through the cracks from other universes and find themselves trapped in a world, which is almost – but not quite – like their own. Through the concept of the multiverse, the book explores the eternal question of how well do we know the ones we love.

In their ever so slightly alien world, relationships between the characters become strained and new attachments are formed. The many facets of what makes humans exceptional are put under the microscope and Vitali seamlessly weaves serious topics and undertones with comedic episodes throughout the book.

The thriller’s publication is very timely, occurring the day before Hawking’s final research paper relating to the multiverse was published in the Journal of High Energy Physics. The Hartle-Hawking theory examines the existence of multiple universes, proposing that instead of being radically different, they could in fact be quite similar to one another – the exact idea mirrored in Out of the Blu.

“Against the backdrop of the multiverse, Out of the Blu scrutinises what makes us attractive, what makes us disgusting; the beautiful little differences that create our uniqueness,” said Vitali Vitaliev. “I am very proud of the ending, which I obviously won’t reveal… you will have to find out for yourselves whether the characters get back to their respective universes.”

Out of the Blu is available now in paperback and for the Kindle.
Buy Out of the Blu: from Amazon UKfrom Amazon US.

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Praise for Out of the Blu

“This clever and engaging tale of overlapping quantum worlds explores the strangest ‘multiverse’ of all – the many selves that make up a person”
Piers Bizony (author of Atom), science writer, filmmaker

“In Vitaliev’s expert hands, science fiction is neither science nor exactly fiction – and comedy isn’t always comic. For, using the multi-universe hypothesis borrowed from quantum mechanics as his backdrop, he shows human relationships in their palpable reality moulded out of flesh and blood, and animated by the heart. The reader may sometimes laugh, sometimes cry – while always admiring the work of a true master.
A. Boot, columnist, blogger, author of “How the Future Worked

Author information

Vitali Vitaliev was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He first made a name for himself in the then Soviet Union, writing satirical journalism in Krokodil and other publications, exposing the activities of organised crime and the all-permeating corruption in the collapsing country. His fearless stance ultimately led to his defection in 1990. He has appeared regularly on TV and radio in the UK (Have I Got News For You, Saturday Night Clive, After Dark, Start the Week), was a writer/researcher for QI and has contributed to newspapers and magazines all over the world. He is the author of thirteen books, written in English and translated into a number of foreign languages, including German, Japanese, Russian, Finnish and Italian.

Vitali has recently won the Gold TABBIE Award for the Best Regular Column.

Praise for Vitali Vitaliev:

* Vitali Vitaliev is a star – Time Magazine
* The charm of Michael Palin and the wit of Clive Anderson – Time Out
* Vitaliev has an irrepressible sense of humour – The Guardian
* An ironic and witty commentator on life – The Spectator
* Vitaliev transcends his genre, producing a literary journey with lessons about what really matters – Literary Review
* A genial companion. He relishes his successes without arrogance and suffers disappointment without self-pity – The Independent

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