Are You Hungry For A Food Business?

If you are a whizz in the kitchen and love nothing more than eating, cooking and reading about food, then you might be keen to break away from the shackles of full time employment to embark on your own food business venture. Nowadays, the on trend cuisine is anything fusion, street or authentic. The foodie revolution has made all sorts of gastronomic delights more accessible to the masses. If you have something new and exciting to tempt the palates of your fellow food enthusiasts, you should consider taking the plunge to make your food business dream a reality.


You need to decide the format that your food business is going to take. If you are looking at becoming a caterer or cake decorator, then you may not need a premises initially. However, if you are looking to set up your own restaurant or bistro, then you will need a site from which to serve your hungry customers. Foot fall is important for trading, so it pays to spend your money wisely on a central location. Being out in the suburbs only works if you have Michelin stars and your reputation precedes you. You need to get in amongst the competition but also find a price point that isn’t too steep to alienate your clientele. Find a small site, city center based, and work at attracting diners.


The food business relies on good quality suppliers. Forget coley from Vietnam, and instead, spend a little bit more money on local fresh produce. Diners now want to know where their food is coming from, and enjoy hearing about the provenance of their dishes. Ensure that your perishable logistics plan involves employing the services of a company that is expert at transporting meat and fresh produce safely to hygiene standards. A chef is only as good as his or her ingredients, so make sure yours are top quality. People will pay for good honest food.


When you decide on your menu, don’t copy the restaurant three doors down. Consider your own cooking style and look to your travel experiences, heritage and personal cuisine favorites to inspire your menu. Try and bring something new to the table like Trinidadian Indian fusion cuisine. Why not try one pot cooking or encourage your diners with an all they can eat feast? Pitch your novel idea to the masses and get online to publicize your venture. Your food may be exceptional, but people need to know about it. Choose a night to launch and work towards an online marketing strategy that will gain momentum across your website and social media channels. As a chef and entrepreneur, you need to combine your business talents alongside your cooking skills.

Restaurants and food businesses struggle to survive in this modern business climate. Rents are high, ingredients are expensive and fewer people are eating out. However, get your food business plan right, and you could have a profitable little bistro, catering service or street food van on your hands.

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