Top YouTube Converter For Free In 2020

I am confident that I am not wrong in saying that you have been searching and wasting a lot of your time in the process of conversion after surfing different online platforms, and still none has qualified to the level of prestige that you are looking for. I can feel your anxiety and turmoil for not being able to find a perfect YouTube converter for your required task. To cut it short, you need a potential online YouTube converter with a complete package for you that takes you from 0 % to 100% conversion with guaranteed results. This online software waives you off from installing bulky software on your OS that leads to your memory consumption and adds to system loads. There is a lot of potential available in utilizing this software as it will convert your media files in your respective file format with quite an ease. I would say that your quest to search for an amazing tool as a YouTube converter ends here since you need to check out the advantages and features that this potential online software is delivering you for free. In our daily usage, we come across several occasions where we have to convert the YouTube files into formats like mp3, mp4, aac, WMV, and others, or we may need them for offline activity.

List of available YouTube converters

  • Ontiva

In this modern era, where the cheapest solutions are considered to be the only optimized solutions, therefore, Ontiva considering this fact makes the conversion process free of cost, and there are no charges that the platform would demand from you. Being highly customer-oriented, it is providing the services for free as it believes to be the representative software for the online media community.

After being levied from the burden of price, you compare whether the process is reliable enough or not. Therefore, Ontiva offers the most rapid and swift conversion rates possible. You can have your file converted with a perfectly balanced algorithm that retains quality while performing speedy conversions. You need to visit the website once  to make it your desired one as a YouTube converter. Since Ontiva offers its users a free of cost YouTube converter platform, therefore they would never ask you about any credit card info or registration so that you can retrieve your file.

Being a professional, you are looking for a platform that never poses a restriction to the number of conversions that you can have per day, considering this factor Ontiva is offering you unlimited number of conversions and free downloads to your device. Being a diverse format YouTube converter, Ontiva allows you to convert your media files into several formats like MP4, MP3, FLAC, WMV, WAV, OGG, ACC, AVI,  MP2, WMA, FLV, 3GP, MOV, which makes it quite handy to use specifically tailored to your requirements.

Sticking up to ads-free policy since its inception, since you get tired from being redirected on different ads pages, that’s why Ontiva hinders any distractions that might slow the pace of your work. Whenever you are exposed to online platforms, you are concerned about system breach. Therefore, you would not want to compromise the integrity of your system, and you couldn’t afford security issues while you are working as a professional. That’s the reason that using the Ontiva YouTube converter doesn’t require any signup or your personal details, and also it makes sure that a secure file is being downloaded by the user with zero malware or Trojan attachments.

  • YMP4

It is highly dedicated to your perfect music experience once you have fetched the video from YouTube. It would readily convert it into your required format; furthermore, you can also queue the files in the list to convert later. You can also have the YMP4 app for your perfect experience. You can also fetch your file from other sources as well, like Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

  • 320YouTube

It is a perfect mp3 YouTube converter with a sole variety of different bitrates you require for the conversion process. Since this platform is offering you a perfect bitrate with efficient compression, it is the most recommended if you want to add up your music library. The quality losses using this platform is quite less as you are converting at a frequency of 48 Hz.

  • Evano

This platform is versatile in nature that offers you service in other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Furthermore, you can fetch your file from about 23 different video streaming sites, including YouTube converter. This platform is free of cost and doesn’t require any registrations.

  • Keepvid

This is an online service serving as a YouTube converter that claims to be faster than other online video converters and claims that they can provide service of conversion from more than 100 different popular streaming stations. They are also offering a lightweight app for you to download. It also offers you an extension named KEEP VIDEO by pressing which the opened media file will be automatically transferred to the Keepvid website for conversion.

  • Wondershare UniConverter

It is considered as the best platform for the professionals since it is not free, and in the free version, you can have very limited access, and as you avail the premium package, then this platform can serve as the perfect YouTube converter platform for you. It claims to be 30X faster than ordinary online converters and is capable of converting more than 1,000 videos and audio formats, and the top-notch feature is that you can convert multiple files at a time. It has an annual plan of $39.95, which can be renewed and canceled at any time. It is an offline service utility, so you have to install it first.

  • YouTubNow

This is another amazing platform that allows you to have unlimited conversions alongside maintaining perfect quality. This online YouTube converter also provides you an online searching function as well. Also, you do not require registration and are compatible with all sorts of browsers.


Up till now, this article has left no stone unturned to compile all swiftly performing conversions platforms, all of them being professionally acclaimed with an extended utility, all of these online tools are providing you promising features with guaranteed results. Now, you can have your files readily converted with any hassle.

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